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Taking Submissions: Big Pulp: Zombie Edition

February 28, 2014


Deadline: February 28th, 2014
Payment: 1¢ per word up to 2500 words (minimum $5.00; maximum $25.00)

Big Pulp is now OPEN for submissions.


BIG PULP is now accepting submissions for an upcoming
Zombie-themed collection.

Deadline: February 28, 2014

Big Pulp is seeking submissions of fiction related to zombies (sorry, no poems this time).


We love the undead, but the term “zombie” can be interpreted a lot of ways. Successful subs will look outside the box. We’ve seen zombie plagues, zombies hordes, zombie hunters, and zombie super-heroes. What else have you got?

Characters matter. So does story. Would your story work without zombies? If so, chances are good we’d like to see it.

As always, we’ll consider all genres, providing they link back to the theme. So, zombie SF, zombie mystery or romance, fantasy or horror – it’s all good.

For this reading period, we are accepting submissions on this theme only. We are not reading or accepting work not related to zombies. Submissions that do not fall under the theme will be returned to the author.

Send submissions to submissions (at) bigpulp (dot) com

General guidelines and payment terms are listed below. Once again: zombies only.


Big Pulp is an online journal featuring genre fiction and artwork of all kinds. We are actively seeking submissions of prose, poetry, photography, artwork, and comics for our pages.

We define “pulp fiction” very broadly – it’s lively, challenging, thought-provoking, thrilling, and fun, regardless of how many or how few genre elements are packed in. We don’t subscribe to the theory that genre fiction is disposable; in our opinion, a great deal of literary fiction could easily fall under one of our general categories.
Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Big Pulp requests print and electronic rights. Our print edition is published quarterly on or about the fifteenth of March, June, September and December of each year. Work also appears online and is archived on our website.

To purchase a copy of the print edition, visit our store for links to retail and online outlets that carry Big Pulp.

Fiction – 1¢ per word up to 2500 words (minimum $5.00; maximum $25.00)
Poetry – $5 per poem, regardless of length

Payment is made upon publication, typically on the Sunday prior to the publication date. We pay electronically via Paypal only. We are not able to send cash or checks in the mail.

Upon request, we will make online donations to other sites in lieu of payment. You can also consider donating your payment back to Big Pulp to help defray our editorial costs. Our goal is to pay our writers, so this gesture is by no means required, although it is greatly appreciated.

Fiction and non-fiction – 2500 words
Poetry – up to 3 poems

Fiction and non-fiction longer than 2500 words will be considered, but no additional payment above $25 is possible at this time. Please do not submit fiction longer than 10,000 words.

We request first North American serial rights. Reprints will be considered, but please inform us that the work has been printed previously. You must have the rights to your work. Our general rule is that we prefer not publish work that is available online or archived elsewhere. We will consider work that has appeared in print, provided the work is not generally available (ie: not in a collection currently available for sale).

Simultaneous submissions are okay. Please submit only one fiction or non-fiction piece or up to three poems during any submission period, regardless of length. Please do not submit additional stories or poems until you hear from us regarding your previous submissions.

Written submissions must be sent electronically in MS Word or RTF as an attachment to your e-mail. Please format your document as you would if you were sending a hard copy (ie: double-spaced, indented, one paragraph break, etc.). Times New Roman is our preferred font. DO NOT embed your submissions in the body of your e-mail. These will be rejected without being read.

E-mail your submissions to Bill Olver @ [email protected]. In your subject line, enter your name and the title of your story or poem.


Following are some of our ideas about genre entertainment. These aren’t rules, but we hope they will provide food for thought regarding your work. Most importantly – think creatively, do your best work, and have fun!

Fantasy did not begin in the Middle Ages nor end with the Renaissance. People create magic every day, unaccompanied by thunder claps or sparkles. You do it with every story you write. Conversely, mundane events occur in the lives of even the most fantastical creatures. Surprise us!
Most mysteries involve a crime or a threat of crime, but it’s not necessary. “Is that bastard cheating on me?” is also a mystery, provided someone is actively trying to find the answer. In a broad sense, an element of curiosity or the unknown would be pervasive in a Big Pulp mystery. Ghost stories without specific horror or fantasy elements are a good fit for this section, provided there’s a secret or a mystery to the tale.

Adventure comes in many forms – as physical challenges or mental puzzles – and in many venues – on mountain trails or the theater of war.Your protagonist could be an undercover CIA agent, a grunt in Iraq, a balloonist flying around the world, a doctor treating refugees, or an artist racing to get a contest submission to a gallery before a deadline. Strive for suspense, high stakes, and a spirit of achievement.

Vampires are horrific, but so is Rwanda. We love a good zombie tale, but we’re just as scared of people who believe everything they see on TV. Scare us with monsters, human inhumanity, or a devastating psychological truth.
Science Fiction
We love hard science and space operas equally. Alternative histories and speculative future fiction would also be welcome here. Physics is fascinating, but remember that politics and sociology alsoare sciences. The family unit has evolved more in the past thirty years than the automobile or the handgun. Charm us with dinosaurs or talking apes.

Not all romances are requited, nor are they guaranteed happy endings. Heartache is a part of romance, as is vengeance. People fall in love or become obsessed with lots of things, not just other people.

Via: Big Pulp.


February 28, 2014