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The Horror Tree Presents: An Interview With Zin E. Rocklyn

Selene – Welcome to the Horror Tree, and thanks for agreeing to an interview. First, tell us a bit about yourself, as there doesn’t seem to be much out there on social media. How did you start writing? 


Zin – Hi, Horror Tree World! I’m Zin and I write pretty much everything within the Speculative Fiction realm with a dash of horror. I’m of Trinidadian descent which also influences my work. I began writing when I was a child, maybe six or seven, when all the books I loved didn’t feature a child like me.


Selene – What about horror draws you, as an author? Your work seems to include elements of fantasy and magic realism, as well. 


The Horror Tree Presents- an Interview with Jennifer Anne Gordon

The Horror Tree Presents- an Interview with Jennifer Anne Gordon

By Ruschelle Dillon


Ruschelle: Ladies and Gentleman, The Horror Tree Presents an interview with THE award-winning author Jennifer Anne Gordon! A woman of many masks, dancer, teacher, writer, model, podcaster, business owner, butcher, baker, candlestick maker- okay maybe not those last three, but I bet she would if she wanted to do so. Her newest offering Pretty/Ugly is due out July 13th, 2021. But if you can’t wait to see what this fantastic author is all about, check out her other offerings-Beautiful, Frightening and Silent, From Daylight Madness, When the Sleeping Dead Still Talk and Victoriana. But FIRST, let’s have a little fun. Tell us three things about you but one of them isn’t true. You can reveal the answer at the end of the interview…if you want to. If not, just let everyone speculate and spread crazy rumors about you on Twitter.

Jennifer: I held the hand of a ghost while in an abandoned executioner’s home in Prague. Once I locked myself in a bathroom—panicked—then peed my pants while still in the bathroom. I met Vanilla Ice after seeing him in concert at a place called Club Land in Worcester Mass. 

The Horror Tree Presents… An Interview with Pete Altieri

Interview with Pete Altieri by B Prouvost


Author, self-publisher, musician and podcaster, Pete Altieri is a busy guy. In a few days he will publish the third installment of his short stories’ collection Creation of Chaos. He took the time to talk to me about this project, and the many others he juggles, from his cool podcast studio in Illinois.


BP: You published the first two volumes of Creation of Chaos in 2018 and 2019. How does this third one work with the others?

PA: I seem to have done well with the other two, especially the first one, and I am anxious to see what my readers think of this one because I feel pretty strong about the stories in it. I love to write short stories, it’s kind of my wheelhouse, and I thankfully come up with a lot of ideas all the time. For this specific collection, I told myself that rather than just throwing twelve or thirteen short stories together, I would really test myself. I wrote some things I have never done before and I relished the challenge, it was fun! For example, I revisited two stories from Creations of Chaos I and II and gave them new endings.

An Interview with Willow Croft, “Bringer of Nightmares & Storms”

Interview with Willow Croft “Bringer of Nightmares & Storms”

By Angelique Fawns


Willow Croft can spin a delightfully devilish short story, and is a self-professed animal nut. Croft and I both had stories published in the most recent issue of Econoclash Review. The world of gritty pulp fiction tends to attract male authors, but as more and more of us women add our poison pens to the craft, it will be interesting to see how the genre will evolve. Though Willow and I live in completely different parts of the world, I am amazed by how much we have in common (she has actually met one of my number one musical idols!- more on this in the actual interview.)

Willow had some profound insights into the power of writing as a life raft, and how she finds inspiration in the act of creation. Even if she is creating words that echo in the realms of horror….


AF: Why do you call yourself the “Bringer of Nightmares & Storms?”

The Horror Tree Presents: An Interview With J.P. McLean

Jason Ivey: Would you mind telling us a bit about yourself for those of us who are new to you and your work?

JP McLean: I’d be happy to, and thanks for inviting me. I’ve been writing full time from my home on Denman Island for ten years. Denman is one of the northern Gulf Islands off British Columbia’s coast. It’s a small island with 1200 people and only 20 square miles/50 square kilometers in area. Rural. Quiet. Ideal for writing. But we’re ferry-bound, so it’s not for everyone. I’ve written eight full-length books over two series, several short stories, and one novella. All of my stories contain elements of the supernatural, paranormal, or magic.

JI: Would you tell our readers more about Secret Sky and that fictional universe? What genre would you best describe it as?

JP McLean: *Secret Sky* is the first in the seven-book Gift Legacy series. The tagline is “Everybody wishes they could fly . . . until it happens.” The story is set in modern-day Vancouver in the Pacific Northwest, and centres around a secret society of people who can fly. Their kind are ruled by a Soviet-style Tribunal, and powerful organizations know about them, are hunting them, and Fliers are going missing. Only one Flier has ever escaped, and he returned missing an eye and his will to live. The books are urban fantasy with strong thriller elements.

Interview: Kade Draven Freeland, and the Common Tongue

Kade Draven Freeland, and the Common Tongue

What’s your dark fantasy?

By Angelique Fawns


Kade Draven Freeland wants his readers to enter dark fantastical worlds. He offers many different doors to alternate universes and each one is crafted with a different voice. The second issue of The Common Tongue was released on April 30th, and features an undead princess, a grave-robbing goblin, clouds that rain bones, and calamity in an Arthuruinian slums. I sat down with Freeland to learn more about his vision.


AF: Tell me about the conception of your project?

Jon Grilz and the Creepy Pod: Horror Legends come to life…

Creepy Pod was created by Jon Grilz. He writes himself and found himself wondering, “Where are all the creepy pasta podcasts? 

Creepypasta refers to horror-related legends that have been copied and pasted all over the internet. They are usually brief with paranormal flavour. 

“The Russian Sleep Experiment” is a modern creepy pasta. It tells a ghoulish tale detailing the descent into madness of five political prisoners deprived of sleep for five days. 

“Ted The Caver” is another one about man who goes on a journey with a friend to see what they can find in a small hole at the bottom of a deep cave. (The answer is nothing good.)

I sat down with Jon to learn more about his audio experiment and the remarkable following his podcast has gained in such a short time. There’s a dedicated Facebook Fan page called “The Creepy People” that has almost 3000 members.