Author: Sarah Elliott

Watch our interview with the amazing Karen Jackson!

Writers and other creatives stand out for a reason and sometimes that can be hard. Sometimes it can be just too much and we become overwhelmed. 


“This is for you if you are tired of this society with all its expectations, perfectionism and pressure. Society likes our feelings nice and sanitised.”

Karen Jackson


Overwhelmed: And other words you give your power away to is the debut book from Karen Jackson, a rebel with a cause!  Let’s talk to Karen about the power of words.

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Writing: a habit you don’t want to break – but how do you start and maintain it?

Writing: a habit you don’t want to break – but how do you start and maintain it?

By Sarah Elliott

We are going to explore why as writers, it is key to develop a writing habit, what stops us and how we can work towards solving this problem. But first, let’s see where you are.


Oh, did the fairy godmothers visit your crib and grant you incredible writing talent opening all doors for you and making you rich and successful for all time? No? Well, that means that the writing talent you have wherever (or however) you got it may need support if you want it to reap rewards (and not just financial ones).


Enter your writing habit, to complete this dynamic duo to help you attain your writing goals! Talent + writing habit = writing triumph! 


Ever experienced sitting in awe at a musical performance? Perhaps you have longed to be able to play music like that and felt a tweak of jealousy. Because it’s alright for them, right? Up there being successful and all that. But wait, if we took a peak behind the curtain, what would we see? Hard work, commitment, passion, regular practice – a habit.


An interview with Matt Micheli on writing and his latest book, ‘The White’.

White – associated with innocence, lilies, and everything pure. Or the colour of your face as shock drains the blood from it when you’re reading The White, the latest book from horror and dark fiction writer and author Matt Micheli.

“Reading The White is like jumping naked into an ice-cold dunk tank filled with razor blades and smashed faces. Micheli’s writing is horrifically refreshing.” – Luke Kondor, author of My Dog Shits Cash and co-founder and host of The Other Stories.

Are you game? Do you dare? Let’s talk to Matt about his latest contribution to the indie horror writing scene.

An Interview With Matt Micheli


Popping My Horror Cherry with Matt Micheli

By Sarah Elliott


I have a secret; a confession to share. I had horrorphobia! I love sci – fi and fantasy but my poor nervous system can’t really cope with horror movies, and I’d never dared read a horror story – until now.


I recently called upon the lioness within (wakey wakey li’l cat) and read my first horror novella: The White by Matt Micheli. It certainly gave me the chills, but I enjoyed it so much I’m counting down to Matt’s next book, or next two books!


If you’re not familiar with Matt, put briefly, he’s an all-round cool guy (says so in his IG bio and after meeting him I must agree). He has a real talent for bringing forth the darkest fiction to put your bones in cryo. According to East Bay Times’ list, Matt writes both non – fiction and short stories proving expert in drawing you into the story through deft use of dialogue for character development. But watch out! This is interspersed with real shocks that get you right in the gut, leaving you breathless but wanting more. He is a staunch supporter of indie writers, authors and publishers and enjoys being part of the horror indie community.