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Writers and other creatives stand out for a reason and sometimes that can be hard. Sometimes it can be just too much and we become overwhelmed. 


“This is for you if you are tired of this society with all its expectations, perfectionism and pressure. Society likes our feelings nice and sanitised.”

Karen Jackson


Overwhelmed: And other words you give your power away to is the debut book from Karen Jackson, a rebel with a cause!  Let’s talk to Karen about the power of words.

You can watch the video interview below:

The Power of Words: A Conversation with Karen Jackson on Writing and Creativity

Karen Jackson, born in Nottingham April 1974, still lives there. She had a few years away to study Law at University in London and a Masters in Human Rights and Civil Liberties.

Karen has always been a free spirit, deep thinker and the odd one out. She believes in living life, really deeply living life, especially since having cancer twice in her 30’s.

She wrote and drew all the time as a child, it was her expression and still is. Karen finally found her voice and true expression at the grand age of 47. She finally started to believe that she was good enough, and that her inner wisdom and unique way of seeing things, are needed to be expressed in this World.

Karen writes to empower, to inspire, to help souls reconnect with their own uniqueness and to respect that in each other.

She holds the vision of a more peaceful and powerful collective, in touch with their own feelings, not the sanitised acceptable version of feelings that society encourages. True gritty, joyous, messy feelings, the feelings you feel when you are live consciously.

When Karen isn’t writing, she is coaching her clients into their spiritual purpose in both life and business. Creating her podcast episodes, holding cacao ceremonies, nurturing her community of essential oil users, yin yoga students and magical UNBOUND members. Karen is multi-passionate, and also teaches shamanic journeying, the medicine wheel and creating abstract art. On top of all of this, she has a love of doing Human Design readings and has become one of the UK experts in this field.

Everything Karen devotes her energy to feels good for her, she has gone through the lessons that she shares in this book to discover her worth, to follow joy, to live.

Karen loves connecting.

You can find her SLOW DOWN Live Deeply Podcast and her new one The Embodies Soul on Spotify and Apple.

She is on instagram with the following handle @i_am_karenjackson

Her website is

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