McShayne’s Elf Blog Tour – All About The Mini Bible – Character List & Dictionary

Mini Bible – Character List & Dictionary


Whether you write a romance, mystery, thrillers, or spec fic, I discovered this simple little document can save you a world of hurt if you ever expand beyond the first book. Sometimes it will even help you while writing the first book!


What is this document?


I call it a Mini Bible. This can be handwritten, a word document, an online document or site, a separate document in a Scrivener or other writer program project, or even an excel document. Anywhere you want to build it that suits your needs and writing style.


Just make sure to create it and keep it open while writing or editing.


This isn’t the same as your outline or synopsis or general notes. This should be separate from all that. If you’re a planner, this is something you can create during the pre-writing, discovery, and research stage. If you’re a planster or one who jumps write into the writing, perhaps keep a small pad and pen nearby to jot notes and create the document later.


What should this bible include?