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Mini Bible – Character List & Dictionary


Whether you write a romance, mystery, thrillers, or spec fic, I discovered this simple little document can save you a world of hurt if you ever expand beyond the first book. Sometimes it will even help you while writing the first book!


What is this document?


I call it a Mini Bible. This can be handwritten, a word document, an online document or site, a separate document in a Scrivener or other writer program project, or even an excel document. Anywhere you want to build it that suits your needs and writing style.


Just make sure to create it and keep it open while writing or editing.


This isn’t the same as your outline or synopsis or general notes. This should be separate from all that. If you’re a planner, this is something you can create during the pre-writing, discovery, and research stage. If you’re a planster or one who jumps write into the writing, perhaps keep a small pad and pen nearby to jot notes and create the document later.


What should this bible include?

Characters! Their names, descriptions, a brief history, whether they like coffee or tea or how they prepare a cup, favorite foods, allergies, and anything else that makes up a character. For spec fic, this should include species and specialties or magic, their home world, current world, or anything else that is part of your fictional world.


In my mini bible for the McShayne Bloodline, I split out the characters by the realms where they live. For some, I also included their positions/jobs within the realms. This helped me remember where I would find each person and not have them pop up in the wrong place.


You would be surprised how often you could misspell your character’s name. Give the same name to more than one character. Change their eye or hair color in the middle of the novel. Change their magic from fire to water. It happens. Writers are human. We forget stuff. How to help it from happening?


Keep this mini bible open and handy. It’ll save you lots of headaches. And refresh your memory when it comes to edits or even that next book.


Any other tips?


For spec fic and fantasy, you should include a simple dictionary or lists of words or phrases the characters use. 


There should also be a list of lands/worlds/realms/space ships along with their descriptions or locations. 


In the end, build your mini bible to suit your story and writing style. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or full of pictures and links, unless that’s what you desire or need. Taking a few minutes, or in between writing sprints, update things as you need. Or if you come up with a blank in your memory about a name or an ‘uh-oh, did I give him blue or brown eyes’ moment, you’ll thank yourself when you can scroll down a document and find the answer in seconds.


Hope this helps! Happy Writing!


McShayne's Elf - Nicole Dennis

Nicole Dennis has a new MM fantasy paranormal romance out, McShayne Bloodline book 2: McShayne’s Elf. And there’s a giveaway.

A Realm falls to the darkness.

An outcast because of his mixed heritage, Braedyn of the Dark, Captain of the Royal Shields and protector of the Prince of the Southern Woodland Realm, maintains his position through sheer grit and skill. Connected to a hawk familiar, Cerin, his magic is a mixture of Arcane and wielding. At the High King’s orders, he remains by his Prince’s side through a treacherous journey through the Lands to discover answers and a new home.

Losing his Realm, his parents, and his position in one-night, High Prince Conchobar Ó Díomasaigh is completely out of his familiarity. Running for his life, relying only on his protector and Captain, he digs deep to survive their trials, the growing darkness, and go wherever they must to save their Realm. At the same time, he sees his Captain in a different light and the deepening connection between them

Strange adventures. New allies. Growing connections. Can they survive this wild journey to save the elves, the Realm, and their lives?

About the Series:

Magic passed through ancient bloodlines for generations. A powerful family gifted with a blend of Elf, Fae, and Human magic, the McShaynes watched over the balance of nature. While the Otherkin receded from any mortal connection, the McShaynes refuse to leave their ancestral lands. Until the humans turn against magic.

Four McShayne sons spread across the Lands. Each one fears he is the last. They fight to survive the harsh atmosphere, maintain their bloodline gifts, and discover love and the true meaning of family.

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McShayne's Elf meme

Streaks of fire raced through the sky.

The ground rumbled beneath his feet.

A half-breed elf crouched against the nearest wall to wait out the current round of bombardment.

While the multi-layered and intricate braids denoted all the years of study, training, and practice to gain the skills of an archer, a scout, a tracker, and a soldier, the color of his hair and skin discredited his position. Among the elves of the Southern Woodland Realm, Braedyn of the Dark was an anomaly, a half-breed, and, according to some, not wanted. With every single step or skill he accomplished, he pushed himself even further and harder than everyone around him. Not even the three platinum charms decorating a raven black braid that denoted his position as Captain of the Royal Shields for the High Prince of the Court gained him any support. No matter what anyone said or thought, he continued to perform his duties, going above and beyond to protect his prince and the Realm.

Tonight the elves faced their gravest threat.

Though he should remain behind to protect the Prince, Braedyn followed his King’s orders to moved toward the front lines. His prince understood and allowed him to leave his side to perform his duties and learn what he could. If possible, he would help the defenders. Stepping away, he continued his journey to the barrier walls.

“To the sky!” a look-out shouted to alert everyone.

Ducking under a roof’s edge, Braedyn pressed against the stone and wood while staring at the darkened sky. It was lit by the fires that spread around their beloved Southern Nialam Forest and within the double-walled city. Another series of sharp-tipped arrows flickered while they pierced the night sky.

Screams spread through the darkness. Defenders hit by the arrows. Slain by this unknown enemy.

Braedyn tried to block out the sounds, but he couldn’t.

The invasive attack of the unnatural creatures came out of nowhere and surrounded the double-walled city. Only the small section of sacred western wall against the lowland mountain where the ancestors created the necropolis, the pathway to the Endless Realm, was naturally protected. There was little to no advance warning of these creatures plowing through the forest.

There was a flurry of misguided and scattered action around him from frightened defenders. They never faced this kind of enemy. None of their usual tactics and weapons seem to destroy their enemy, not even push them back. As if the creatures were immune from their natural magic and simple weapons.

A group of young guards fled.

Braedyn waved around his sacred bow, a rare gift of the twin Heartstone Trees. The twisted black and white wooden bow was gifted to the highest skilled archers and personally selected by the Trees. Holding out the bow, he moved it to catch their attention and stop them from fleeing. “Stop! What are you doing? Fleeing from your sworn duty to protect this court, this Realm. Shame upon all of you.”

At the twisted light and dark colored bow, brilliant against the darkness, the young guards slid to a stop.

“A Heartstone bow,” one guard whispered.

“A high archer…”

“Him. It’s him. The half-breed Captain.”

Braedyn ignored the whispers.

“Do you know that one nick of an arrow and you drop dead? Those creatures don’t die. They keep coming out of the forest and night,” one young guard said. “This is why we flee. There is nothing we can do. We must leave the court.”

“All the generals are dead or out of commission. Somehow the enemy knew to find them within the darkness. The outer walls are lost. The southern corner is about to crumble. Some of those creatures are cave trolls or ogres, but it’s like they’re twisted into something else, something far worse. They’re huge. Nothing kills them,” another guard said.

Braedyn looked around at what he could by the walls. He let the words and situation soak into him and roll around. No, they wouldn’t give in and flee. Not this time. Not this battle.

“Sons of the Realm. Listen to me.” He spun the bow and tapped the metal end on the ground. He pointed to the guard who spoke first. “What is your name?”

“Geraint Fenkrana, Guard Commander.

“Commander Geraint, I have a new position for all of you,” Braedyn said. “Focus upon me.”

The group turned to face him with Geraint stepping forward. Their faces bright against the darkness with swatches of dirt and soot. The lightness of their hair, skin, and eyes were a contrast against him, but they didn’t look upon him with hatred or disgust. Not any longer because he continued to stand against the fearsome enemy that threatened their home and lives. They desired leadership and he fulfilled it.

Author Bio

Nicole Dennis

Dreamy…Sensual…Forever Love

A quiet one, Nicole Dennis is the penname of an asexual author of different genres of fiction – both LGBT+ and hetero. Lots of characters, worlds, and stories build up in her head until she must get them down on the screen – anything from romance to fantasy to paranormal.

During the day, she works in a quiet office in Central Florida, where she makes her home, and enjoys the down time to slip into her imagination. She is owned by a new feline companion – a house panther, affectionately known as Brat Cat.

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