WiHM 2023: Building a Horror Career in Your Sunset Years

Building a Horror Career in Your Sunset Years 

By Jane Nightshade


I got my first horror story published five years ago. The publisher was a website called DaCunha Press, which ran on an online subscription model, with hardback print anthologies of their best submissions released periodically. My story, a dark psychological crime story, was chosen for both the website and one of the anthologies. Sadly, DaCunha didn’t make it financially and removed its website a year or so later. I still have a couple of beautifully formatted copies of the anthology in which my story appeared.


Despite DaCunha’s fate, I was encouraged to try my hand at more submissions to other outlets. At 58, I figured that I didn’t have the time to build a big horror career like Stephen King or Ann Rice, so I approached the whole project with the idea that I wanted most of all to have fun and make new friends. Whatever else happened would be gravy.