Epeolatry Book Review: Trigger Warning: Speaking Ill, ed. John Baltisberger


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Title: Trigger Warning: Speaking Ill
Author: Various, ed. John Baltisberger
Publisher: Madness Heart Press
Genre: Horror
Release Date: 11th February, 2022

Synopsis:“Death canonizes even the most awful of us. No one will speak ill of you when the dirt is still fresh upon your grave. It’s only once the grass starts to grow that everyone remembers what a piece of shit you were.”
–Chandler Morrison, Hate to Feel

What are we doing when we refused to engage the dead in our stories, in our horror? Are we respecting them? Or are we forgetting them and condemning their memory to oblivion?

We at Madness Heart Press contend that the only way to truly respect those who are gone is to fully engage them with the disrespect they are due.

Through strange, terrifying, and disgusting horror, these 9 authors ensure that death is no safe space. No corpse will escape their due through death, but will instead be allotted the full measure of what our authors have in store.

This is your trigger warning.