February 2022: Tarot Cards for Writing Inspiration

Happy Groundhog Day! Or the month with Groundhog Day in it, anyway! Myself, I love animals so much that I try to incorporate them into my horror stories whenever possible. Not as the recipients of said horror, but the instigators. That, and plants and other manifestations of the natural world. So, as your thoughts look ahead to Spring and all things blooming (well, depending on what area of the world you’re in), don’t forget that Nature is out there, lying in wait for the unsuspecting human to wander by!

Note: For this reading, I used the (multilingual!) Fantasy Cats Oracle deck as created by Paolo Barbieri—with a very loose, creative-license interpretation of the cards’ meaning. So if your spooky writing also includes animal/anthropomorphic characters, this “writing inspiration” reading’s for you! https://www.azuregreen.net/Fantasy-Cats-oracle-by-Paolo-Barbieri/productinfo/DFANCAT/.