WIHM 2022: Role Models For Weirdos

Welcome to Women in Horror month everyone. Here’s a fun fact—there are women in horror every month!! In fact I am going to celebrate some of my favorite women in horror right now!!

As I write this, I am looking back in the past, at the person I was about a month ago. I was excited, unnerved and petrified for the season finale of Yellowjackets. The show that has enraptured the internet, and especially women of a certain ageYellowjackets. (1990’s kids I am talking about you.) 

Don’t worry this is not the one millionth blog post about Yellowjackets, or about our favorite group of fun-loving teenage cannibals, the Antler Queen, the flannel shirts, the fact that we get to see Juliette Lewis AND Christina Ricci in the same show, the character of Adam—so weird and so hot, the strange symbols, or the amazing 1990’s soundtrack. I consider this the decade with the best music. I will fight anyone for this, I am prepared to die on that hill. For back up I will summon the ghost of Kurt Cobain, he will fight with me.