Author: Jennifer Gordon

An Already Haunted House

An Already Haunted House

By: Jennifer Anne Gordon

I was a ghostly girl, playing with a Ouija board on the kitchen floor while our family…this is when we still had family—poured in. The house was warm. The air was sweet with sticky buns, and almost oppressive with turkey smells. My body felt starchy like I had a thin layer of mashed potatoes rubbed into my skin like a fine French lotion.

My mother stepped up and over me, as little Missy and I tried to conjure the dead. We were close to the kiddie table but had aged out of it. Thank God.

We had not gotten big enough for the grown-up table, so we knew we would eat in the living room, in front of the turned-off television. The carpet stained where my cat Casper would religiously spill any drink we brought in there.

This was before the family drifted apart, becoming wraiths. This was before my mother stopped coming home at night, before my father got a cancer diagnosis that he ignored, and before my cousin Jessica turned her first trick…she became a heroin addict before or after that…I don’t know.

Her eyes were haunted that day—I thought she was tired, but there was something inside of me that knew I could not let her touch that Ouija board. Instead, she watched, her eyes were wide and dark.

Missy and I talked to the dead. 


WIHM 2022: Role Models For Weirdos

Welcome to Women in Horror month everyone. Here’s a fun fact—there are women in horror every month!! In fact I am going to celebrate some of my favorite women in horror right now!!

As I write this, I am looking back in the past, at the person I was about a month ago. I was excited, unnerved and petrified for the season finale of Yellowjackets. The show that has enraptured the internet, and especially women of a certain ageYellowjackets. (1990’s kids I am talking about you.) 

Don’t worry this is not the one millionth blog post about Yellowjackets, or about our favorite group of fun-loving teenage cannibals, the Antler Queen, the flannel shirts, the fact that we get to see Juliette Lewis AND Christina Ricci in the same show, the character of Adam—so weird and so hot, the strange symbols, or the amazing 1990’s soundtrack. I consider this the decade with the best music. I will fight anyone for this, I am prepared to die on that hill. For back up I will summon the ghost of Kurt Cobain, he will fight with me.