Epeolatry Book Review: We’re Not Ourselves Today by Jill Girardi and Lydia Prime


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Title: We’re Not Ourselves Today
Author: Jill Girardi and Lydia Prime
Genre: Pulp Horror
Publisher: Kandisha Press
Release Date: 16th March, 2024

Synopsis: WE’RE NOT OURSELVES TODAY is comprised of 13 pulp horror stories, full of razor-sharp teeth and buckets of blood–some old, some new, ALL HORRIFYING! Featuring superb cover art by Corlen Scope and inner artwork by Dedy Badic Art

If you’re looking for Margaret Mitchell, you best be Gone with the Wind… but if you’re looking for a BLOODY good time, these ladies wrote this book just for you.

Get ready to light a candle, settle into your moldiest armchair, and enjoy this wild ride!