Taking Submissions: Bronie


Deadline: November 30th 2011
Payment: $10 Per Accepted Story

Kazka Press is currently seeking submissions for an anthology of short stories on the following topic (this is not the flash fiction anthology):

It all started as an innocent Twitter-sation. Lauren noted that “A pony is better than a unicorn because he doesn’t know how cute he is! Unicorns are all glitter and sass. Very pompous.” Fine. No problem. But then she wrote, “I think we have room for at least 500 more pony stories in the f&sf genre.” And anyone who has read Kij Johnson’s Nebula winning short story “Ponies” at Tor knows this to be true.

However, quickly the Twitter-sation moved from ponies, innocent and sweet, to bronies (Google it), to which Kazka Press founder L. Lambert Lawson replied, “I’ll make bronies the subject of my October story.”

To which Kij Johnson replied, “Dare you. Double dare you.”

Now, one does not take a dare from as wonderful a writer as Kij Johnson lightly. In fact, one responds to such a challenge with doughty resolve. But then she upped the ante when she tweeted, “There should be a bronies anthology.”

And, hence, the reason you are here. You want to be a part of that anthology–I can see it in your quivering IP address. So, without further ado:


Kazka Press is soliciting submissions for an ebook anthology of bronie themed stories set in a speculative fiction setting. Specifically, a bronie is a man who likes to watch My Little Pony. However, we’re going to define bronie for the sake of this anthology as “a man who likes ponies.” Oh, and we’re going to allow some leeway with how you define “man” as well. For example, it doesn’t have to be a man at all. It could be, say, a woman. Or a robot. Or…? Just make sure there’s love for a pony somewhere. Have fun with this. Be creative. Just remember the reqs:

1. bronies, or “men” (or women, robots, eunuchs, etc.) who like “ponies.”
2. Story must be set in a speculative fiction setting–i.e. fantasy, sci-fi, slipstream, steampunk, horror, etc.
3. Original, unpublished fiction only.
4. Please, no simultaneous submissions–though perhaps we doubt that you have anywhere else to submit your bronies stories.

How long:

Stories should be between 1,500 and 5,000 words. Ballpark, not firm.


Submit via the below form by 30 November 2011. On 1 December 2011, Kazka Press editors will sift through the submissions, and contracts will go out by 25 December 2011. Publication will follow soon afterwards.

How much:

We’re a small, young press, so we’re paying $10 (via physical checks or PayPal) for each story we select for our anthology. Also, each author will receive an ecopy of the anthology sent to their nook or Kindle device or app of choice.

Our $10-a-story payment will be purchasing First World Electronic Rights and Anthology Rights for 180 days from publication. All other rights remain with the authors.

[via: Kazka Press.]