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Today The Horror Writers Association Launches Their Mental Health Initiative

Today, The Horror Writers Association has revealed their Mental Health Initiative For June! It is an exciting new direction for writers and readers or horror that put a focus on mental health. The Association’s Mental Health Initiative is another coordinated attempt to realize its goal of improving mental health in horror literature, where it supports hope and gives a forum in which mental illness can be discussed openly. Kicking off next month, the initiative will revolve around a series of simultaneous events, resources, and activities and we’ve got all of the details to share with you today!


Here Are The 2021 Bram Stoker Awards Winners!

Things have been a bit hectic over the past week so I apologize that I’m running this 3 days late. However, if you’re a fan of horror, the Horror Writers Association, and whose work is getting some extra love – this is the post for you! We’ve got (again, my apologies for the 3 days late) the winners of the 2021 Stoker Awards! We’ve interviewed, featured, and reviewed quite a few of the nominees over the past year so am thrilled at how many names I recognize and am even more excited for how many I’m not familiar with! (My TBR pile… not quite as happy with seeing new names…)

You can read the full list of winners below: