Epeolatry Book Review: This is My Body, Given for You by Heather Parry


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Title: This is My Body, Given for You
Author: Heather Parry
Genre: Contemporary Horror, Short Stories, Weird Fiction
Publisher: Haunt Publishing
Release Date: 11th May, 2023

Synopsis:  A girl suffering a bizarre menstrual aberration is exploited by those around her, including her father. A boy expresses his love for a nonhuman man by making himself animalistic. A girl abandoned by her community discovers the possibility of transmutation through cannibalism. A man struggles with his wife’s choices around her existence, and considers whether he should leave her alone in her semi-oblivion, or join her.
In This Is My Body, Given For You, Heather Parry places in our hands fifteen stories in which the body is something that can be changed, altered, and escaped from. With dripping blood, bruised tentacles, and seamed skin, Heather Parry’s debut short story collection will consume you.