Taking Submissions: 100 Horrors

100 Horrors

Deadline: December 31st 2011.
Payment: Exposure, Ebook copy

Cruentus Libri Press is pleased to announce its first anthology, now open for submission.

100 Horrors is a test for every horror writer who thinks that short stories are a little too wordy. We are looking for tales of horror that manage to make our skin crawl, all within 100 words.

Now, we’re not exactly inflexible here, so we’ll give you 5% each way. Yes, you read that right. The word limit for submissions is STRICTLY 95-105 words, not counting the title. There is no restriction on theme, just give us 100 word stories that are as brief and as devastating as a blow to the head from an ice-pick.

We are looking to include 100 stories, from 100 separate authors in this anthology, so get your writing hats on and send us something short and nasty.


First, check out our Writer’s Guidelines and, specifically, that part pertaining to Anthology Submissions. They should tell you all you need to know about sending us your work.

Word Count: 95-105 words, excluding the title. No deviation from this hard and fast rule will be accepted.

Deadline: 31st December 2011.

Reprints: No

Multiple Submissions: The theme of this anthology is 100 authors, 100 stories, 100 words. As such, we will only be accepting one story per author, so make sure you send us your very best.

Payment: This is a non-paying anthology. Each successful contributor will receive a copy of the e-book.

Rights: Cruentus Libri Press request One-Time Anthology Rights to each story included in this anthology. Upon publication all rights will revert to the author.

Once your satisfied with your entry and your sure it meets the guidelines, submit as an attachment it to [email protected]

[via: Cruentus Libri Press.]