Taking Submissoins: Celtic Blade Anthology

Celtic Blade Anthology

Deadline: December 10th 2011
Payment: Exposure Only

Red Skies Press welcomes new guest editor, Dorothy Davies, who will be hosting this anthology of dark/horror fiction set in the time of Celtic legends and heroes. We ask for your best stories full of action and intrigue in the time of the Celts. While violence is certainly a factor in the way things were decided, we ask that you keep it integral to your story, and avoid the senseless use of it for shock value. Use your best judgement. What epic tales were lost from the time of myths that stem from Ireland and beyond? What secrets did the Druids keep? Tell us the story.

Please use standard writing format: paragraph indents, single spacing, do not underline, use quotes when necessary, etc,.. Please include your name, your story title, a brief bio of 100 words or less, and the approximate word count. We are asking for stories with a word count of 1,500 minimum. No maximum word count (but anything above 7,000 you may want to query first). Please no fan fiction. Do not base your story or any likeness therein upon any known characters, names, or situations from popular culture (movies, books, etc,.) Do not send serial excerpts from a novel. Your story should be a stand-alone which is composed only for the purpose of this anthology.

What to send: Send your story to ( [email protected]) as an attachment in Word .doc or .rtf format with the subject line as “Celtic Blade- (your story title)”. Electronic submissions only. No simultaneous submissions. In other words if you have submitted your story elsewhere, we don’t want it. Reprints will be considered, provided you have the rights to your story and any other contractual obligations for that story have elapsed.

This is a NON PAYING MARKET. Payment for your story is exposure in the anthology.

Submission period will run from Jul 10th-Dec 10th, 2011. Submissions may close sooner if the anthology fills quickly. Please watch the pro boards for any announcements or changes. Thanks, and we look forward to your submissions.

(Please note* the image used is not the cover art, but something to keep you focused while it is in production*)

[via: Red Skies Press.]