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Hot Off the Press is the latest charity anthology from Red Cape Publishing, compiled by Jay Michaels and Monster Smith in aid of FAST UK – the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

This anthology features over forty pieces of flash fiction from some of the biggest names in the indie horror community, including screenwriters, actors, directors, authors and producers.

So dim the lights, draw the curtains, and settle in for an onslaught of short bites of fiction.

In response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade When all they give us is hell, we will respond with only fury.

More details coming soon!

Following a power outage in the dead of night, the residents of a leafy cul-de-sac mysteriously vanish. Amongst the missing are Eve Parker’s aunt and uncle. Desperate for answers, Eve starts digging into the history of Roanoke Road with the help of her friends, who host a true crime podcast series. What they discover could not only put them in harm’s way but also make this their last podcast, ever.

All monies donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee @decappeal) #ukraineappeal

Amazing Offer! is a charity fantasy and horror anthology benefiting the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Inspired by vintage ads, the stories and poems will remind readers of the ads that once appeared in magazines, newspapers, and comic books, from face cream to man eating plants.

This anthology features work from Angelica Fiori, Allen Ashley, Ann Wuehler, Ben Walker, Catherine McCarthy, Cindy O’Quinn, Edward Barnfield, Julie Sevens, Marilyn Cavicchia, N S Ford, Nicholas Hayes, Nikki R. Leigh, Norbert Góra, Patricia Miller, Patrick Barb, Sarah Budd, Sarah Jane Huntington, and Simon Clarke.

At the time of print, 100 million people have been displaced globally. The IRC helps families that had to make the excruciating decision to flee their homes. All proceeds from this anthology will be donated to the IRC.

Thank you for your contribution.

The project started as a simple one. In 2013, Ken MacGregor came up with the brilliant idea for a special auction prize at our annual Monster Mash for Literacy Bash to raise money for the Dominican Literacy Center. The raffle offered folks a way to help others transform their lives. In return, the owner of the winning ticket earned something special. Their name would become the focus of the contributing author’s stories. Hero, villain, victim, or monster. It was up to the author in how they used them. As an added bonus to task the author’s creative skills, they were asked to include something special to the winner. Previous items had been dogs or a traveling circus. Our most recent raffle winner was selected and our authors had a name for their upcoming inspiration, Angela. The only other requirement the winner set was a penguin had to be involved.
When it was all said and done, there were eleven talented authors who crafted tales you are sure to remember when you hear the name Angela.

With stories by M.C. St John, Jen Sexton-Riley, RD Doan, Ross Baxter, Sarah Sigfried, B.A. Ries, Juleigh Howard Hobson, Kristi Peterson Schoonover, Rowan Hill, Nicolas J. Evans, and JC Rudkin.

An anthology of horror set in 2022 written by the some of the best up-and-coming authors of dark fiction.
38 great short stories.
Horror, dark fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction.
For adults only!


With her hauntingly beautiful reimagining of archetypal monsters from classic horror, Anne Rice was the undisputed queen of contemporary gothic literature. Her contribution to the movement first established by Shelley, Stoker, and Stevenson revitalized and continues to inspire dark fiction writers and readers. Dancing in the Shadows pays tribute to Rice’s legacy with tales from today’s most innovative authors, drawing from the darkness where vampires and witches, mummies and rougarous, spirits and demons move to the music of nightmares.

Featuring stories by  C. W. Blackwell, Anthony S. Buoni, Holley Cornetto, Stephanie Ellis, Douglas Ford, Lee Andrew Forman, Holly Rae Garcia, KC Grifant, Greg Herren, Christine Lajewski, Tim Mendees, Scotty Milder, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, E. F. Schraeder, Angela Yuriko Smith, Morgan Sylvia, Lamont A. Turner, Gordon B. White, and Trish Wilson ; edited by Elaine Pascale and Rebecca Rowland

100% proceeds benefit Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO)

Nothing is as it seems.

Your reflection beckons you through the looking glass. Step through the cracks and travel paths where the darkness twists familiar shapes, where the once safe havens are overrun with danger, and the mundane objects of your life are forever changed.

Twenty authors share their view of the world through the shattered and splintered shards of their imaginations. Where does perception end and reality begin?

Raising money for The Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department (GHAVFD).

Take a journey through Michael Carter’s boneyard by way of thirty-five bite-sized flash fictions. All with a speculative bent, the tales explore the magical and the real, outdoor life and the American West, delve into the psychology and horrors of crime, correction, and rehabilitation, and provide a glimpse of the end of the world as we know it. What else is waiting to be uncovered in the boneyard? There’s only one way to find out. Proceeds from corporate retail distributors (e.g., Amazon, B&N) will be donated to the Shriners Children’s Hospitals in Spokane, Washington, & Galveston, Texas, USA.

An anthology of 206-word horror stories/flash fiction showcasing some of the freshest horror writers out there today. There are 206 bones in the adult human skeleton. Our writers gave us 206-word stories, one word per bone. We, Bag of Bones Press, have selected and published 206 of these absolute beasts for your enjoyment.

All profit from the sale of this book in 2022 will be going to children’s charities in the UK.

Each precious thing I show you in this book is a holy relic from the night we both perished-the night when I combed you from my hair and watered the moon with your blood.

You’ve lost a lot of blood . . .

50% of proceeds will be donated to Trans Lifeline (@TransLifeline)

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We Haunt These Woods by Holley Cornetto

Nate Holbrook had put his past behind him. When his friends went missing all those years ago at Lake Swart, it had been nothing more than a tragic mystery. No matter what stories they’d told each other about the “Forest Man,” there was no primeval menace lingering in that cave they found deep in the woods.

But when Nate meets up with Jennifer, a fellow Lake Swart survivor and his first love, everything changes. Finding her scarred and broken by the weight of the past, he proposes a daring remedy for their shared trauma—to return to their old summer haunt and prove the thing in the cave nothing more than a delusion and a myth.

But what if Nate is wrong?

What if the Forest Man is still waiting, after all this time, for a new friend to sing his song… to take his hand and disappear?

The Journal of Cinnamon Paige, Un-Death by Chocolate by [Ryan Woods] The Devil's Gift
Sometimes you hear of authors thinking of giving up. We’ve all been there. This week, I’ve chosen to include a number of books from Beau Johnson’s catalogue. He is incredibly active in promoting the work of others and deserves support. Why not try his offerings? (PS. He has a new book out in October, take a look at the shelf!)
The Big Machine Eats by Beau Johnson All of Them to Burn by Beau Johnson Brand New Dark by Beau Johnson A Better Kind of Hate by Beau Johnson


Dark Observation by [Catherine Cavendish]
NOTHUS (The Bensalem Files Book 2) by [Drew Starling] Niko's Nightmare Portal Pet by [Nat Whiston, Leanne Blakey-Novis]Children
No Gods For Drowning by [Hailey Piper] MNIM ebook & solo cover.jpg
Tales My Grandmother Told Me: Thirteen Unsettling Tales by [Heather Miller] YA
The Night Guard (Human Dregs Book 1) by [Carlos Cardoso] Alexander's Song, by Paul F. Olson
Noose by [Brennan LaFaro, DarkLit Press]
Brat out of Hell by [Paul Lubaczewski]
Welcome to The City (Epic Mayhem Book 1) by [Jeff Thomson] Camp Slasher Lake: Volume One by [D.W. Hitz] Action adventure horror


Daughter of Sarpedon: A Tempered Tales Collection by [Heather Vassallo, Elizabeth Leggett, S.D. Vassallo, Tracy Fahey] Roser Park (Florida Gothic) by [Wendy Dalrymple] Pre-Order Now! - Blame it on the Pumpkin
All These Subtle Deceits (Black Wells 1) Effects Vary by [Michael Harris Cohen, Mark Allan Gunnells] Motherthing by [Ainslie Hogarth]
Every House Is Haunted, by Ian Rogers
Gulf: A Gripping, Otherworldly Coming-of-Age Novel (Dark Walker Series Book 1) by [Shelly Campbell] The Reborn by [Bryan Smith]
Uncanny Valley Days by [C.J. Sampera] Something Stirs Go It Alone by [Monster Smith]

Dark Matter Presents: Human Monsters

Old Man Rider: Stories by Beau Johnson At First Glance (Destined) by [Dark Rose Press, Nicole Kay, August van Stralen, Avery Hunter, Brianna Malotke, Brianna Witte, Cara Twomey, Cherie Lynae Cabrera Suski, Chris Tattersall, Christopher T. Dabrowski, Diana Black, Donna Cuttress, Dusty Davis, Finnian Burnett, Hazel Ragaire, J.D. Douwes, Jacek Wilkos, Jenny Logan, Jessa Novak, John Mueter, Kailey Alessi, Kara Hawkers, Kerri Merriam, Kimberly Gray, Kimberly Rei, Kyvin Titanite, Liena Delvan, Linda M. Crate, Linda Marie Pankow, Lori Green, M. Anchor Mars, Miranda Reynolds, Nicole Kay, Pasquale Trozzolo, Paula MacDonald, R.H. Argent, R.S. Nevil, Rachel K. Bonitz, Renee Cronley, Reuben Paul, River South, Rosetta Yorke, S. Jade Path, S.T. May, Shawna Renee Lewis, Tiffiny Rose Allen, Velian Dusk] They Were Here Before Us: A Novella in Pieces by [Eric LaRocca ]
A Hint of Hitchcock: Stories Inspired by the Master of Suspense by [Cameron Trost, Josh Pachter, Rebecca Demarest, Joseph Walker, Paulene Turner, Jason Fischer, Elizabeth Elwood, David Carroll, Roger Johns, Andy Rausch] Camp Slasher Lake: Volume Two by [D.W. Hitz] 9781915691026.jpgEighteen original Gothic tales.
Short story collection
Body Count (Epic Mayhem Book 2) by [Jeff Thomson] Beach Bodies by [Nick Kolakowski]
Shallow Waters: Special Halloween Edition (A Series of Supernatural Stories Book 9) by [Crystal Lake Publishing, William Meikle, Richard Thomas, Tom Deady, Jay Bechtol, Karen Bayly, Joseph VanBuren, Francesca Maria, Roxie Voorhees, Sheldon Woodbury, Madison McSweeney, Tom Coombe, Larry Hinkle, Ricki Whatley, Anthony D. Redden, Wil Dalton, Matt Bliss, Rhea Rose, Kim Mannix, Joe Mynhardt (editor)] Nothing Good Happens After Midnight: Confessions Of A 911 Dispatcher by [Phillip Tomasso]    


1st 5thWAR by [ Jodie Angell, Zachary Finn, Stephen Herczeg, L.N. Hunter, Pedro Iniguez , Jodi Jensen, Bob Johnston, Alexander B. Joy, John McNichol, Steven Lord, Alexander Nachaj, John Taloni, Ann Wuehler, Julie Sevens, T.J. Berg, Jodi Christensen, D. Kershaw] 8th They Mostly Come at Night: Collected Short Fiction by [Wesley Southard, Brian Keene]Short story collection
10th 15th Return of the Living Elves by [BRIAN ASMAN, Shelly Lyons]


25th 27th    




6thAll the Prospect Around Us (Black Wells 2) Dear Diary: Run Like Hell, by James A. Moore 19thThe Hungry Deep (Gothic Folk Book 1) by [J.L. Murray]


No description available.


Book cover showing a gunslinger surrounded by monster spiders. 24th    


1stThe Eater of Gods, by Dan FranklinSupernatural Thriller Sunny Pines, by Glen Krisch, Ray Garton, Bev Vincent, and Kealan Patrick Burke


4thLinghunModern gothic ghost novella


Dark Matter Magazine Issue 010 Jul-Aug 2022 Issue 9 Cover Apex Magazine Issue 132
Frightmarish Zine – Issue Two Jason Barnett Cover Art Book Cover


Lynn Love

**Editorial Sale** A third off all critique packages through September. Send her your dark stories.

Go to her website Lynn Love is a UK-based editor, mentor and ghost story writer whose short stories and serials have appeared in print and online in The Horror Tree, Inferno anthology by The Infernal Clock, Daughters of Darkness II anthology by Black Angel Press, Writing Magazine, Mslexia and The People’s Friend among others. She’s a reader for Flame Tree Press and London Literary Scouting.

Erin Al-Mehairi

Erin Al-Mehairi at Hook of a Book – Experienced editor of 25+ years. Fiction (most genres), non-fiction, poetry, business/website. Developmental content and copy/line editor both. Proofreading also offered. For more information go to

Michael David Wilson

‘I’m currently open to new clients for editing and writing consultations. If you’re interested in my freelance editing services please drop me a line at [email protected] . I offer two levels of fiction editing and Skype writing consultations.’

Services include: Story Overview, Full In-depth Edit, Skype Writing Consultations.

Go here to find out more :

Ben Long

Writing – Whether you’re looking for fresh blog content, catchy social media copy, or someone to overhaul your brand/site, I would more than happy to help.

Persuasive copywriting, engaging content writing, and everything in between – I love it all.

Editing:  Need someone to correct typos and grammatical mistakes in your manuscript? Looking for help in the developmental structure of your latest story?

Whether you need help editing help in the macro or the micro, I bet my attention to detail and knowledge of writing prowess can help.

Something Else?

I’m ALWAYS open to and looking for opportunities to collaborate! I love working with like-minded people on passion projects that pique my interest. I want motivational partnerships where we can create cool things and everyone wins.

Get in touch with me here:

Claire Fitzpatrick

‘I’ve started a small freelance editing business. It’s called Edit Without Mercy. 🤩 I’m not offering developmental editing for novels at this time, but I will work with short fiction and non-fiction . I’m specialising in:
– Copy Editing
– Content Editing
– Academic Editing
– Proofreading
Feel free to message me or use the contact form if you’re looking for editorial assistance!

Ngolo Diaspora Issue #2

The continuation of the exciting African Martial Arts comic series based on the Urban Action Showcase award winning screenplay.

Audiobook for a queer paranormal roadtrip read by C. S. E. Cooney, with treasures: enamel pins, candles, plushies, coloring book, & more.

Fantastic Fiction at KGB is a monthly speculative-fiction reading series held on the second Wednesday of every month at the famous KGB Bar in Manhattan (and during periods of high Covid, broadcast live on YouTube ), hosted by Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel . Admission is always free.
The monthly series, which has been running since the late 1990s , serves as a salon, where writers, editors, agents, and fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror can co-mingle in a shared event space. The series also served a vital social function during multiple Covid lockdown periods, when we featured authors from all over the globe on our live YouTube channel, and people who were isolated due to the lockdown could keep in contact with the writing community. We also release a free podcast, where we post audio recordings of the monthly readings.
Running the series costs us money. We pay a stipend to our guests, we pay for their drinks at the bar, and we also take them out to dinner after the readings. At present, the series costs about $2,000 per year to run. Unfortunately, we are almost out of money from our last fundraiser three years ago. We hope to raise at least $6,000, which will fund the series for three more years. It would be great if we could raise more.

“Pagan Pathways: The Secrets of the Library of Alexandria” is a pick-your-path book written by Pagans for Pagan children (and children at heart). Our story is set in ancient Egypt and follows three children: Nefrina, Harsiesi, and Taimhotep. When Taimhotep’s father is accused of stealing the catalogue of all the library’s priceless contents, only the children believe he is innocent. Follow the clues, unlock the secrets, and uncover insidious plots to solve the crime…before Taimhotep’s father is sentenced to death and the great library itself is destroyed!

Happy reading.


 on behalf of Stuart and the Horror Tree Team


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