How To Promote A Personal Brand Of A Horror Author?

In today’s world, many people are attracted to the horror genre not just because it’s the most powerful emotional attraction, but because it has a therapeutic effect and brings out deep fears. Books as a powerful resonator of emotion enhance this effect. Thus, demand determines supply and many authors strive to promote their creativity and monetize it. We live in a time when an author is a person who not only creates a book but also monitors its fate after it is written: he is engaged in distribution, regulates its relationship with readers, looking for his target audience. In this article, we will look at how to turn the hobby of writing into a successful business and make sure that your works are found, read, and bought. 

Why should an author build a personal brand?

In the era of the availability of publishing platforms, it is very important to distinguish yourself from other authors. It’s no secret that good horror books sell themselves, but now it’s not enough and the author needs to develop a personal brand to get the keys to the literary world and open any door with his blog. Instagram is a great platform to promote your creativity where you can spread your name and become a trusted figure for your audience.

When you create your literary platform, you get a lot of contacts. You can meet many creative people: artists, illustrators, designers, and do profitable collaborations with them. It’s important to follow trends in your industry to keep up with them. So, it’s effective to make friends with other authors, be helpful to each other, and get support when a new book comes out.

By creating a community around you, you have the opportunity to communicate with your readers and get feedback. You can see how people respond to your work, understand what their needs are, what problems they can solve with your help, and as a result, offer them value and useful keys.

How to make a content plan for a writer?

The main tool for influencing the audience is content. Therefore, it’s important to approach this issue competently, because the quality of the content will depend on the retention of the audience’s attention, its involvement, and reach.

It’s important to talk about the book before it comes out. So, build up the reader’s interest in advance: tell what your idea is, post excerpts and teasers to keep people interested and waiting.  

In your posts, not only broadcast your creativity but be sincere and reveal yourself as a person: show the inner workings of the process, tell about the difficulties you face.

To retain the attention of new users, it is effective to build social proof publishing reviews from your readers, as well as rising the statistics in your profile. That’s why in the first stages of promotion many people buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc., creating mass effect and trust.

Actively use Stories format. It’s effective to create not just images, but selling videos or slideshows. If you want more sales, create a direct offer that leads to a website.

When mentioning the price, remember that readers are skeptical of cheap books and look at the free ones as classics. Increase audience involvement by raffling your books and doing promotions. People always want to be a part of the process, so create interactive content and ask for advice on book covers, character images, etc. 

How to promote your creativity with the help of opinion leaders?

Before you take any marketing steps, it’s important to make sure you’ve prepared your profile for the new traffic: fill your account with interesting content, create positioning, buy Instagram followers and other activity metrics, etc.

One of the most effective ways to find readers who will be interested in your books is to collaborate with influencers. Bloggers are those who have already gathered a certain number of loyal readers on their platforms, who trust them and for whom they have become opinion leaders. 

When negotiating with bloggers, much like negotiating with a offshore sports betting company, communicate in terms of how much value you can give to the platform and offer the best possible conditions for an interaction. You can order advertising in posts, in case you want not the number of subscribers and conversions, but to be known and recognized. Another format of usage advertising is the Stories, it is a quick recommendation that requires a quick decision, as a result, the touches and conversions are more than in the case of the post.

To sum up, whether you’re a novice author or a seasoned writer, developing a personal brand on social media is key to promoting your creativity. The bigger you have of a social capital, the more financial return you get. We live in a time when it’s not enough to have one profession and it’s important to learn something new all the time, so always follow the trends, and strengthen your promotion strategy with new tools to get the most out of existed opportunities.


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