How to Get Inspiration for Your Next Novel

How to Get Inspiration for Your Next Novel 

We all like to read to take us to new and exciting worlds, pass the time, and as a form of relaxation Writing is, therefore, still one of the skills that are in high demand, no matter what the latest artificial intelligence (AI) writers will have you believe. 

Regardless of the heightened online chatter and discussion over how Chat GPT and other AI are changing the world of writing forever, the possibility of using machine learning to draft a story or novel is now arguably a reality and, as such, many writers are understandably nervous about the future. This article looks at the one aspect that is key to this argument; the fact that ideation and inspiration for themes, feelings, and novels are best when it comes from human experience. Here’s how to build and develop this inspiration for your next novel.


Writing What You Know Is Important

As a writer, you need to know exactly what you’re writing about to set the tone and be able to write about the emotions and feelings of the characters, as well as their behavior and actions that drive the story you need to know them and their environment intimately. You need to know the characters and the context of your story in minute detail if you’re going to able to write about it in a believable way.


Immerse Yourself in the World You’re Writing About

The best way to learn about the characters and their world is to be in their world. It may not be something that you know intimately, but you can engage with fiction and the story by entering the world that you are writing about. If it’s a gambler or a card player that’s the character, then being able to understand the games and playing online blackjack at places like will provide the writer with the kind of detail to make the character and their lifestyle come to life. It’s this detail that will add believability to any story. Plus, this site has plenty of security features to keep you safe while you’re playing, which offers incredible peace of mind.


Just Start, and Then Start Again

Writing is a process, and, as you start to put ideas and words down, they begin to stretch and develop on their own, leading to other ideas and other themes. Just start writing, regardless of how good you think the writing is or where you want it to go. Then, delete it and start again. The same ideas that you had previously will re-emerge and yet re-emerge in a different format or a different direction.


Emotion Is What Builds the Reader’s Tension and Excitement

As a writer, you will need to include as much emotion in your writing as possible. It’s what will allow the reader to buy into the novel and commit to the characters, if they can feel them and feel what they feel. Your inspirations should, therefore, come from a place that makes you feel strongly enough to include your own emotions in the writing.


Being a writer in the current era of AI and machine learning is incredibly tough and it will arguably be how you are inspired and what drives your stories and novels from a human perspective that keeps you being read.

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