Burial Books Is Open For Horror Novellas

Burial Books

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Payment: Royalties Theme: Horror Novellas We publish horror and fantasy stories, novels, novellas, and other content. Burial Books is primarily a horror & fantasy publisher, but we also publish Young Adult, crime fiction, and science fiction books too. Burial Books LLC Birthday CakeIf it’s good, we’ll try to publish it. Our blog also features stories and articles from authors across the spectrum. So, take a look at our articles when you get a chance too. If you have something spooky you want us to look at, then contact us anytime. If you want us to publish your story, then you’ll need to go to our submissions page to find out how to submit what we are looking for. We are always looking for some great writing. Horror Novellas: You guessed it. We want horror novellas between 25,000 and 50,000 words in length. The stories must be scary and can be on any horror subject. No specific type of story requested. If it’s a horror story, send it over. Payment: Authors shall receive a payment or a percentage of the profits from the book. OTHER STUFF: No poetry or reprints. No erotica. Submission Deadline: Extended to June 1, 2024. Email submissions to [email protected] with the story attached in Microsoft Word Format. We try to reply and let you know if we are not using your submission within 4 weeks. However, if you do not hear from us within 4 weeks of sending the email (check your Spam folder) then we did not accept it. Please put EXACTLY the following in the subject line: ATTN: SUBMISSION FOR HORROR NOVELLA. Via: Burial Books.

Taking Submissions: Shivering Timbers!

Phobica Books

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Payment: £20 and a contributor's copy Theme: Original short horror stories, from 2K words to 7K words max, with a pirate theme. Shivering Timbers! An anthology of pirate themed horror fiction. Title: Shivering Timbers! Story Length: 2K words – 7K words Pay: £20 regardless of story length plus a paperback and digital (pdf. & Epub.) copy. Deadline: 1st June 2024 Expected Release Date: 3rd July 2024 What we want: For our anthology, ‘Shivering Timbers!, we are looking for original short horror stories, from 2K words to 7K words max, with a pirate theme. Stories must be fictional and set in ‘The Golden Age of Piracy’ (1650s – 1730s) or before. Works slightly under 2K words or slightly over 7K words may still be considered. Reprints may be considered as long as the story rights have reverted to the author. We ask for five months exclusive print and digital rights, ongoing non-exclusive rights thereafter. You will retain copyright ownership of your work. What we don’t want: We don’t accept simultaneous submissions. We don’t want to read anything detailing animal cruelty, harm to children, gratuitous sex or any sort of prejudice. We don’t accept flash fiction or poetry. We don’t accept stories created by AI or AI enhanced work. Please be aware that submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered. Format: The anthology will be released in paperback print and eBook formats and sold on Amazon and via Amazon’s expanded distribution program. How to submit: Send your manuscript as an attachment to [email protected] or [email protected] Please follow the Shunn Manuscript Format leaving out headers and page numbers. On the first page, please include: Your pen name, The story title, Approx. word count, Your email address, A short bio to include in the anthology and the ‘Authors’ page of...

Taking Submissions: Hellbound Books’ Anthology of Horror

Hellbound Books Publishing

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Payment: $5 Theme: General horror No set theme or subjects for this anthology - just good, well-told horror and tales of terror! You can be classical, traditional, contemporary, or anywhere in between - just scare the pants off our compiling editors! PLEASE read and adhere to our submission guidelines...  * Word format saved in .doc, or .docx * 12 pt times new roman * Double spaced * Absolutely NO extra lines between paragraphs! * 2.5K - 8K word count * Write 'HORROR' along with your name and story title in the header of your email *The body of your submission email will be considered the cover letter. * The submission documents are to be separated and Word (.doc or .docx) documents are to be attached to your submission email. To submit, email your polished story to [email protected] - Make sure that you check your mss for grammar and punctuation, use our guidelines to help you: DOWNLOAD YOUR HBB GUIDE TO GRAMMAR HERE (PDF) DEADLINE: JUNE 1, 2024 NO REPRINTS - ORIGINAL UNPUBLISHED WORKS ONLY Payment - $5.00 for first rights. Capped at 100K words in total. Via: Hellbound Books Publishing.

Taking Submissions: Fear’s Accomplice Volume 2

Tim McLean Writing Projects

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Payment: £5 Theme: All styles or horror, likes the types of tales you'd see in Tales from the Crypt, Twilight Zone, and similar There is no theme. As long as your story is in the horror genre, I'm interested. Check out Fear's Accomplice Volume 1 or Fear's Accomplice: Halloween to get an idea of style. Think of Tales from the Crypt, Twighlight Zone, and similar. I want variation. Don't be afraid of violence or strong language, though. You're free to write any style of horror you choose. Zombies, werewolves, vampires, etc, are more than welcome, but they are something of a hard sell. Make it unique or interesting. Word count: 2,000 - 5,000 words. Longer stories are OK but 2,000 really is the minimum. Original stories only please. Reprints will not be accepted. Do not submit stories written or assisted by AI. As a supporter of independent art, I have zero tolerance for stories created by artificial intelligence. Stories will be exclusive to the publication for a period of six months after release. Payment: Contributors will receive £5 per accepted story, regardless of length. The book will feature one story per author. Payment will be made by PayPal only. Contributors must nominate a suitable email address as part of the contract. I aim to read and respond to submissions within one month of the end of the submission period. It may take longer if I get a large number of submissions. Feel free to query any time from July 2024. This call is open until 1 June 2024. Email submissions and questions to [email protected] Via: Tim McLean Writing Projects .

Contest: Weird Wide Web 2024 Fiction Competition

Weird Wide Web

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Prizes: FIRST PLACE: $75. SECOND PLACE: $50. THIRD PLACE: $25, FOURTH PLACE: $10 Theme: Dark speculative prose Note: Reprints allowed FIRST PLACE: $75 SECOND PLACE: $50 THIRD PLACE: $25 FOURTH PLACE: $10 Each winning story will be featured on Weird Wide Web with its own direct URL link. What We Are Looking For: Fiction between 1K - 4K words in the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres.   This is a great place for REPRINTS. Unpublished stories are fine, but REPRINTS ARE WELCOME. Just send your best!   Submission Guidelines:   *DOC, DOCX, RTF, or ODT files only *Black 12 pt Times New Roman font *Stories with glaring misspellings and grammatical errors won't stand a chance against tightly written pieces. Double check for obvious errors before sending! *Include story title AND author name in the file name *Attach your file with the subject line "WRITING CONTEST - STORY TITLE" and send it to: [email protected]     We will accept submissions from April 15th - June 1st. Winners will be announced (hopefully) in July, but if we receive a HUGE amount of stories, by August.     Good luck! Thanks for reading! Via: Weird Wide Web.

Taking Submissions: Ruth’s and Ann’s Guide to Time Travel

Celestial Echo Press

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Payment: 1 cent per word for original stories or a flat $10 for reprints, Theme: Time Travel! Travel through time with us! Ruth’s and Ann’s Guide to Time Travel is the third anthology from Celestial Echo Press. The theme for this anthology is time travel. We’re looking for stories that will take readers on a journey through time, from the Wild West to the future in outer space, from humor to horror. All genres accepted, except erotica. Send us well-written stories that make us believe time travel is real. Give us new, fresh stories. All stories that do not contain a time travel element will be rejected immediately. We want to read great stories and can’t wait to read your submission! We invited seven authors, and have 13 slots available. We may reserve one slot for an author who submits a great story and has not previously been published. We want to encourage, and we support, new authors. Guidelines are as follows: We will not accept any stories that have been created by AI, nor any that have used AI to assist in penning the story. Word count must be between 500 and 4000 words. Story must be submitted in Word, 12-pt font. Your story must focus on the time travel theme. Simultaneous submissions are not allowed. Submissions will be open from May 7, 2024 through June 1, 2024. Multiple submissions are allowed and encouraged. We will accept reprints. There is no reading fee. Payment will be 1 cent per word for original stories or a flat $10 for reprints, and will be paid upon publication. Authors also will receive one electronic copy of the anthology. Payment will be made via PayPal only,  in United States Dollars.  We anticipate a quick acceptance/rejection timeframe, hopefully within 30 days after...

Taking Submissions: The Fires of Retribution

Three Ravens Publishing P.O. Box 851, Chickamauga, GA, United States

Deadline: June 1st, 2024 Payment: Royalties Theme: Dragons and the struggle between mankind and dragonkind Genre: Speculative Fiction Theme: A collection of stories dealing with DRAGONS! Concept: We’re looking for a story that shows the struggle between man and beast. These aren’t Pete’s Dragon; these are vicious killers who would just as soon eat you as look at you. Word Count: 5,000 – 10,000 (standard word count) Publishing by: TBD Edited by: JR Handley & Bayonet Books Anchor Author: James M Ward Due Date: June 1, 2024 Email Submissions to: [email protected] with “The Fires of Retribution” in the subject line Payment: Stories selected for publication in the upcoming Anthology(ies), will receive a percentage of sales divided equally between the contributing authors. We are looking for amazing stories from any genre that are fun to read and will take us on an adventure of epic proportions. Please download our standards template by clicking here ***NOTE*** We publish genre fiction with aspects of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. If your work does not include one of these aspects, we are less likely to pick up the title unless it is of exceptional quality.   What we are NOT currently accepting: Poetry Single-author collections of short stories. Hard and fast rules of what not to send: Fan-fiction: Just simply don’t. It will be immediately deleted or tossed into the recycle bin. Gratuitous Sexuality: (i.e. smut, softcore porn) (Please, we know that there is a market out there for stories in this genre, but it’s not for us. Contact our affiliate, Tanglewood press for submissions in this genre at tanglewoodromance (at) Gratuitous Abuse/Violence: While we at Three Ravens Publishing understand that graphic situations can alter or otherwise move the plot forward in ways that the reader may not expect when properly used, these elements should not, however, be the primary focus of the story. (i.e. torture...

Taking Submissions: Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores June 2024 (Early Listing)

Cosmic Roots And Eldritch Shores

Submission Window: June 1st - 2nd, 2024 Payment: 8 cents per word for original, 2 cents for reprints, For artwork: $10 for the non-exclusive right to use each image, for as long as the site is online.  If we publish a print collection we will pay a pro-rata share for each image used. Theme: Well written original work in science fiction, fantasy, myth, legend, fairy tales, and eldritch, in written, podcast, video, and/or graphic story form, and from around the world. Note: Reprints welcome     Submissions Schedule We have a new submissions schedule as of June 1, 2020: The first and second day of every month, 12 am of the 1st to 12 am of the 3rd, E.S.T. Only one submission per person. For reading impaired individuals, our submissions manager and ‘forget password’ have a captcha compatible with screen readers. We pay 8¢ per word for new fiction, 2¢ per word for fiction reprints, 2 – 6¢ per word for new fact-based work, 1- 4¢ per word for reprinted fact articles. For new poetry, we pay $1 a line, reprints would be 50¢ a line, up to 40 lines. We’ll look at longer poems but that would be a hard sell, and words over 40 lines would be paid at 6¢ per word. We began The Kepler Award to recognize and encourage writers of excellent science fiction and fantasy stories that creatively extrapolate on known science in constructive and exciting ways. You can learn about The Kepler Award here. You can read a copy of our standard contract here.   It can be varied as needed to include the rights of translators, voice actors, etc. Writers Guidelines We accept new work as well as reprints, prose and poetry, anywhere from 1000 word flash fiction on up, but all else being equal,...

Taking Submissions: A Coup Of Owls Autumn 2024 Issue (Early Listing)

A Coup Of Owls

Submission Window: June 1st – 7th, 2024 Payment: Drabbles and Flash – £5, Short Stories 1001 to 4000 words – £10, Short Stories 4001 to 8000 words – £15 Theme: ​We do not have set issue themes but feel free to be inspired by the season, seasonal occasions and events. Note: Only publishes creators from under represented and/or marginalized communities. We’re looking for stories you’ve poured your soul into but haven’t been able to find the right home for. We’re looking for stories that make us feel something. Warmth, love, melancholy, rage. We want it all. All genres, styles and themes will be considered and we especially love stories that are outside the box in their telling. Ambiguous endings? Non-linear storytelling? Antagonist’s point-of-view? A story told in just one scene? We love it all. Quarterly Online Anthology Submission Schedule: June 1st – 7th (Autumn Issue) or until we reach 70 submissions September 1st – 7th (Winter Issue) or until we reach 70 submissions December 1st – 7th (Spring Issue) or until we reach 70 submissions March 1st – 7th (Summer Issue) or until we reach 70 submissions ​we do not have set issue themes but feel free to be inspired by the season, seasonal occasions and events. We are unlikely to publish stories with seasonal events out of season – for example a story set in the Winter isn’t likely to make it into our Summer issue even if we adore it. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES – ONLINE ONLY These are the guidelines for our Quarterly Online Anthology. For more information on print anthologies go to Print Anthologies How to submit: Please submit via the form at the bottom of this page. If you have any problems using the form please email us for assistance. Who should submit: Please ONLY SUBMIT IF: you are aged 18 or over you belong...

Taking Submissions: Flash on the Fly Contest – 48 Hour Window!

Death Knell Press

Deadline: June 10 at 9:00AM EDT Prize: $50 Theme: 500-1,000 word aquatic fiction horror story FLASH ON THE FLY A HORROR WRITING CONTEST 48-HOUR SUBMISSION WINDOW IS NOW OPEN! Submissions are open now, Saturday June 8 at 9:00AM EDT and will close in 48 hours on Monday June 10 at 9:00AM EDT. No submissions will be accepted before or after the open window. Theme: AQUATIC HORROR (any subgenres of horror are permitted) Write a horror flash fiction story, 500-1000 words (FIRM LIMITS) that fits the theme "AQUATIC HORROR". We are open to any interpretation of the theme. Please keep reading for full guidelines! (Please note: "Flash on the Fly" means flash fiction written quickly & without much preparation. It does not mean flash fiction about The Fly.) Stories should be previously unpublished, written in standard manuscript format, and sent as a .docx file attachment. Name your .docx file with your story title and your last name, then attach it to the email. In the subject box, type: YOUR STORY TITLE, YOUR LAST NAME. Send to [email protected] Stories will be judged on adherence to the theme, quality of storytelling, and originality. Given the speedy nature of this challenge, minimal judging will be based on minor spelling errors and typos. We will aim to select a winner within 4 weeks of the closing deadline and will announce the winner publicly on our website and across social media. Due to the fast turnaround of this contest, only the author of the winning story will receive a response. The author of the winning story will receive $50.00 USD via PayPal (other payment arrangements within reason can be made if necessary) Publisher will receive rights to publish the story on our website. Author will retain all rights to their story. Please review this sample publishing...