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Taking Submissions: Whispers from the Abyss

May 30, 2013

Deadline: May 30th, 2013
Payment: A penny per word up to 2500 words

A HP Lovecraft inspired flash fiction anthology.


A penny per word up to 2500 words.

What we are looking for is flash fiction, meaning short stories no
more than 2500 words. We want authors hungry to play in the twisted
universe envisioned by H.P. Lovecraft, or write tales that are in the
spirit of his mythos. Like Lovecraft’s own work, the horror in this
anthology aims to be subtle and subjective. The mind and its inner
working are a far more terrifying place than the actual corridors of
R’lyeh or the Mountains of Madness.

Ideally this anthology should hit readers like a really good mix tape
(or iMix for those of you too young to remember what a cassette is).
We want a variety of styles, themes, and moods that hook the readers
fast, creep the hell out of them, and leave them wanting more.
Experimentation is highly encouraged –especially unconventional
narrative styles, meta-fiction, genre mash-ups, even sick humor. Of
course, don’t be afraid to stick with the tried and true “ravings of a
madman,” if that’s your jones.

Multiple submissions are fine.

Consider this anthology to have a hard R rating. That said, please no
stories involving graphic rape or child molestation. Excessive gore is
fine, but must function to further the story. Here is a list of themes
and elements that will get your story instantly rejected:

1. Cthulhu taking center stage. The big cheese can appear in dreams,
statues, visions, etc. Characters can even come across the aftermath
of someplace Cthulhu has destroyed. Just as long as we never “see” old
squid face we’re happy.

2. No story that features action akin to a Hollywood big budget
disaster film. In fact, Hollywood-isms are best to be avoided.

3. No Steampunk, no Nazis, no “it was all a dream” plots. Please.

This anthology will be published digitally on the Kindle as well as
available as a downloadable PDF.

We retain the right to publish the story digitally forever. We retain
exclusive digital publishing rights of the work for two years. You
retain all ownership of the work and can reprint it anywhere after two
years from the publishing date.

All Submissions Must Be In By May 30, 2013
All stories must be submitted to the following email address:
[email protected]
All submissions must be saved in a Rich Text Format
All submission emails must be entitled “HPL Submission: “your story
title” each story must be submitted in it’s own email.
All submission emails must include your name and email address.
If your submission has previously been published please let us know
the publication name and date. Previously published works are welcome
but we would like to know where it was seen first.

Publication date is Summer 2013

[via: 01 Publishing.]


May 30, 2013