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Taking Submissions: Urban Occult

November 1, 2012

Deadline: Submissions open until November 1st, 2012
Payment: £10 per story + contributor paperback copy + profile on Anachron Press site.

We are now accepting submissions for a new horror/weird anthology ‘Urban Occult’.

This will explore the seedier side of towns and cities. The dark places that aren’t known to just everyone. Places that exist inside abandoned buildings, underground clubs, or perhaps Aunt Mavis’ 23rd floor apartment.

We are looking for stories that deal with the human side to occult practices. What happens when it goes wrong? What happens when it goes right? What eldritch beings are called up, and for what nefarious purpose? What takes a seemingly ordinary, well-adjusted character into the realms of the occult? Stories that grab us could show us a different side to the occult, how it affects society or families, or how others perceive those involved.

We aren’t necessarily looking for gore-based horror, but a deeper, more psychological, unsettling ‘weird’. Inevitably when we describe these things you can look at H.P Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith or Brian Lumley for inspiration. But also look at writers like Dennis Wheatley, or even famed occultists such as Aleister Crowley and Anton Szandor LeVay.

You could explore the dark rumours surrounding Rasputin and Dr John Dee. There’s a lot of unanswered and unasked questions surrounding these kinds of people that would be ripe to explore.

For film inspiration you’ve got such movies as: The Ninth Gate, The Exorcist, Angel Heart, The Serpent and The Rainbow etc.

The only main stipulation is that the story must be set in the modern era and an urban setting. Perhaps use your local town as inspiration. What is weird, or unexplained in your local area? Do you have odd buildings that have a bizarre history, or a notorious family/business/individual? Hook your weird into the real for maximum story potential.

Payment: £10 per story + contributor paperback copy + profile on Anachron Press site.

Rights: First World English, Digital, Print, and Anthology

Deadline: Submissions open until November 1st, 2012

Rejections/Acceptances will be announced by the end of November, 2012.

Word Count: 4000-8000 (No flash stories).

How to submit your story:

(Please pay careful attention to avoid being rejected for a formatting issue).

– All stories to be sent as an attachment to: submissions AT Anachron Press DOT COM
– The file format MUST be in a .doc (no .docx or any other format).
– Place ‘Urban Occult Submission’ + stories title + word count + your name in the subject line (This is especially important as we use filters to organise our email.)
– Inside the document, please use Times New Roman in 12 and 1.5 line spacing.
– At the top of your document, please include your name and email address.
– In the body of your email, please give your name, a list of publishing credits (if any), a breif synopsis (200 words max) of your story and links to any websites/social media that you are on. (we like to socialise.)

Things to avoid in your submission:

– Double spaces after periods. A single space is all you need.
– Tabs to indent your text — use paragraph styles instead.
– Linebreaks between paragraphs — only use for new scenes.

[via: Anachron Press.]


November 1, 2012