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Taking Submissions: Unlikely Friends

December 15, 2012

Deadline: December 15th 2012
Payment: Free ebook release – Exposure Only

Hello, our first planned anthology revolves around the theme of unlikely friends, with the genre touching on horror/suspense/supernatural. That is all. I really don’t want to restricting your interpretation by suggesting what this could be. The crazier the better. It will be a free download, so what you get out of this is exposure and hopefully a new radical story to add to your portfolio. What do we get out of this? Discovering the talent that people have. Seriously, as much as we love reading books from the shops, there are so many people that have a story waiting to be written and we both love reading. It would just be nice to see someone else’s style for a change. Do you think you have what it take?

So in terms of free download, we’ll be looking into where we could send this for people to download. Amazon kindle, google play etc. Maybe even as a pdf on here.

So I suppose we should have some rules:

Word count can be between 500 – 3000 words. Though we won’t be too strict on this, as long as your story justifies it’s length.
Stick to the theme
Please read over your work for spelling/grammar. Again for this one we won’t be too harsh as long as we can still easily make sense of it, when there is a great story to be told we can turn a blind eye to it, although we will have to correct mistakes before publishing.
All work must be your own, it is your responsibility to make sure you have permission to send us your work if it has previously been published. You will hold all rights still, and you have permission to send it to other publishers, let us know that we can’t use it if it has been accepted. If we do use it, then any future publishers who want your story may not be happy knowing it is available for free, so this is also something to think about. That being said, exposure and experience at the cost of money when starting is probably invaluable.
Use a common file format such as .doc or .rtf
Let us know a bit about you such as why you like writing or any previous successes in publication
Pen names are perfectly fine. We don’t even need your real name for this one, since no ones is making money from this, so don’t let that worry you.
This closes on Dec 15th, though may be extended if things are slow to begin with.
That should cover it, I hope I’m not forgetting anything.

Just remember this should be fun, it is open to anyone who loves to write, so please feel free to send this around to let people who you think may be interested know of it’s existence. Send all submissions and queriers to

[email protected]

[via: Scribo Fiction.]


December 15, 2012