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Taking Submissions: Trump Fiction

July 4, 2018

Deadline: July 4th, 2018
Payment: $10

ECR wants quality cheap thrills featuring the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, as a fictional character. Repeat: we want fictional portrayals involving the most litigious man to ever win an election for the highest office in the free world. (or his Administration)

While POTUS 45 has created multiple wonderful story lines since taking the oath of office in 2017. We do not want rehashes of his current trials and tribulations. WE WANT FICTION! They can range from parodies to straight examinations of Trump’s or his Base’s fragile humanity. As long as it stays in the realm of Pulp and FICTION.

Examples: Does Trump get struck by lightening playing golf at Mar-A-Lago and develop superpowers? If so what would he do with them? Does trump win a pie eating contest against Russian mobsters? Does the Stormy Daniels affair really involve watching thirty hours of The Apprentice while Trump eats Big Mac’s? Does Trump discover a transceiver in his MAGA hat that is sending his thoughts to the DEEP STATE? Does Trump build a wall so high it stops the second coming of Jesus? How does the secret service agent that goes on the president’s Mickey D runs make it through the day? Does Melania fly her brunch crew into the White House? How does Trump’s attorney make it through the day? How does a Trump supporter make ends meet while Trump Makes America Great Again? What happens when Trump paints the White House Gold? What makes Trump or his supporters think a beautiful land is a Shithole Country? Where’s the beef? Ask yourselves questions like these and send us some well written fiction.

All Submissions should follow the current EconoClash Review Guidelines. (accept the stories involve a fictionalized version of Trump or his administration or the current state of America.)

Keep it Pulp! Keep it Moving! Keep it between 1500-4000 words.

Submit your Trump Fiction Stories to : [email protected]

ECR offers a token fee of $10 per story.

Submission opens MEMORIAL DAY May 28th- INDEPENDENCE DAY July 4th.

Publication on ELECTION DAY November 6th 2018.

Via: Econoclash.


July 4, 2018