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Taking Submissions: So Here’s My Plan…

June 15, 2018

Deadline: June 15, 2018
Payment: $5 Canadian

Time-travelling bank heists! Prison breakouts from the fortresses of immortal wizards! Train robberies by steam-powered automatons! Intergalactic spies! Battles of wits between cyborg hackers and AI detectives! Swashbuckling! Fisticuffs! Ridiculously complicated schemes! People gathered around a diorama of a bank vault making wisecracks! Things not going according to plan!

We’re looking for fast-paced, dramatic stories up to 7,000 words, with protagonists we can admire for their intricate planning, improvisation, and general adroitness (whether they succeed or fail in the end). Think “Topkapi”, “Inside Man”, that episode of Firefly where they rob the train, that sort of thing. We want to see elaborate heists and impressive schemes, in a science-fictional or fantasy setting (any subgenre). We welcome and encourage submissions from authors of traditionally underrepresented backgrounds, and we’d love to see stories that subvert or play with genre tropes.

We will be open to submissions from May 1 to June 15, 2018. As stated, the word limit is 7,000 words; if you have a longer story that you think would be a particularly good fit for our theme, please query us before sending.

Please send your submissions as either a .doc or .rtf (no .docx) to [email protected].

What we don’t want:
  • Stories with no speculative fiction element. This isn’t a market for true crime stories or modern-day thrillers.
  • Horror stories, or stories with gratuitous or unnecessary violence or gore. We enjoy a good fight scene and we’re not averse to violence that’s necessary to the story, but we don’t want a straight-up murder spree. We much prefer protagonists who get out of a jam with quick thinking, fancy footwork, clever dialogue and razzle-dazzle. If your story is further along the horror spectrum than “creepily atmospheric,” we’re probably the wrong place for it.
  • Likewise, we’re fine with sexual content, but this isn’t a market for erotica. Sex shouldn’t be the main point of the story; a story that’s solely “vixen-haired temptress seduces bank manager to learn the weaknesses of her building” is unlikely to hold our interest.
  • Fanfic. Don’t get us wrong, we think fanfic’s great, but we can’t legally publish it, so please don’t send it. We are happy to look at stories that use public-domain, out-of-copyright characters (Sherlock Holmes and such) but the bar is going to be a lot higher for those than for wholly original work.
  • Reprints. We are looking for previously unpublished stories for this volume. We are willing to look at reprints ONLY if the story was previously published more than five years ago AND is not available online in any form. If the only place the story has appeared was in a print-only magazine or anthology from before 2013, we’ll read it, though, again, the bar will be higher than for new works. Please include the story’s previous publication history in your cover letter and state explicitly that the rights to the story have reverted to you.


Payment and rights:

This is a token market. Authors will receive $5 Canadian, payable by PayPal within 30 days of the story’s acceptance, and a copy of the “So Here’s My Plan…” e-book. Additionally, any money that the anthology makes above our operating costs will be distributed as a bonus payment, divided equally among all contributors, six months after publication. (Anything the anthology earns after the six-month mark will go toward funding our next anthology.)

For these considerations, authors grant us First World Electronic Rights (the right to publish their story in electronic format for the first time) and Non-Exclusive Archival Rights (the right to keep a copy of the story on our website), and agree not to publish the story elsewhere in any form, including on their personal website or blog, from the time of its acceptance by Grace&Victory until six months after we publish it.

Via: Grace and Victory.


June 15, 2018