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Taking Submissions: Thinking Horror Vol. 3: Folk Horror

May 1, 2020

Deadline: May 1st, 2020
Payment: $20

Open for submissions from the first of May, 2019 until the first of May, 2020.

After much back and forth about what the third volume would focus on, we have realized that all roads were leading back to the Rome (as it were) of Folk Horror, and we are immensely excited to explore the fields and hollows, tenements and seashores, where the notions of folk tradition abut and subsume the contemporary.
Where the past and the now collide.

We do hope you’ll join us.


THINKING HORROR is a journal dedicated to exploring horror in literature exclusively. We do not publish articles or essays concerning any other medium (such as films, television, or games).

The unofficial theme of the literature journal is “Why Horror?”

We are looking for non-fiction articles about the genre written by the people who generally think most about it.

Interested contributors must submit a short proposal to the editors outlining the proposed topic. It needn’t be long, just so long as it communicates the topic and the goals of the essay. This will help prevent repetition, or work on something that ultimately does not fit the journal’s intentions.

We are not accepting interview proposals at this time.

When imagining ideas for the literature journal, please keep in mind the idea of ‘timelessness’. In other words, material that would date the journal isn’t encouraged, unless a strong case can be made for it. The hope/goal of the journal is to have its issues remain releveant in perpetuity.

We do not publish articles or essays concerning any other medium (such as films, television, or games).

The sorts of articles we envision/encourage:

• analysis of specific authors and how their work illuminates the genre as a whole

• discussions of movements like Splatterpunk and New Weird

• essays on the different facets of written horror (i.e. Nightmare Horror, Folk Horror)

• interviews with authors and editors about the genre and how it works, and its goals

• observational essays by writers and critics about how they view horror and what horror means to them

Essentially, we want to read a series of meditations on the written genre, on what it means, on its history and its future. We want to see analysis from across the spectrum. We want this to be a premiere venue for horror and weird fiction scholarship.

WORD COUNT: 1,000 words or more

PAYMENT: “Thinking Horror” is a paying market. Payment at this time is $20 per article. We are not accepting interview proposals at this time.

Via: Thinking Horror.


May 1, 2020