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Taking Submissions: The Quarterly Journal – Let’s Get Weird

August 31, 2022

Deadline: August 31st, 2022
Payment: $5
Theme: Let’s Get Weird

A Literary Journal with Some Art and Analysis Thrown in for Good Measure

As Quarter Press continues to grow, we’re adding another coin to our pocketful of change. We want to offer a space for shorter works to mingle with art and other bits of nonsense, so we bring you The Quarter(ly): It just makes cents.

Each issue will be themed; however, we will consider any interpretation of said themes.

2022’s Themes and Deadlines:

  • Other Voices (NOW AVAILABLE!)

  • Myths, Fables, and Folklore (June 30)

  • Let’s Get Weird (Aug. 31)

  • Ends (Nov. 30)

What’ve you got to show us?

  • Stories and / or Poems

    For Stories: We’re open to micro works all the way up to 10,000 words. Just keep two things in mind: We want to be engaged and the submission must be completed (no pitches, please!)

    For Poems: We’d love to see up to five poems from you, but you can always just send one, too.

  • Art

    As long as it has some tie to the current issue’s theme, we’re open to see any art created in any medium at any time. Just know that it will need to “work in print” and—might—be presented in black and white.

  • Graphic Stories

    Show us your comic strips or complete short works; we’d love to see them all! Please try to keep submissions to 20 pages or less. Feel free to also send a collection of comic strips / one shot comics, as well. (Please note that our publication size / dimensions might change between issues. Our “Norm” is 6×9”). These must be COMPLETE works.

  • Analysis / Interviews / Reviews

    As long as it is tied to the theme in some way, we’d love to see any and all media analysis (film, music, literature, etc.), interviews with notable creatives, or reviews of past—or present—media.

    We’re open to anything up to 10,000 words. (Feel free to pitch non-fiction ideas; however, please note that our “Interest in seeing a draft” does NOT guarantee publication.)


  • The Boring, Necessary Bits

    We Want: Works with fantastical elements: scary, happy, creepy, heartbreaking, bizarre, hilarious, whatever. While you can see our “Loves” lower on the page, we’re pretty open to anything that’s worth picking up.

    We (Probably) Won’t: Pick up works not tied to or containing fantastical elements. It’s kinda our thing.

    Where to Tread Lightly: We’re pretty open-minded and okay with just about anything, but there better be a reason for it to be in the work. The darker, more explicit you go, the more we’ll really need to see its necessity to the work. We don’t want shock / horror / violence for its own sake.

    Definitely Will Not Publish: Any work that is hateful towards any race, creed, religion, gender, or identity. This aims to be an inclusive space.


As our publishing tastes cover a wide variety, here is a very incomplete list of authors, artists, and various media that we would die to work with / publish / have made. These are a HUGE indication of our aesthetics.

Carmen Maria Machado, Erin Morgenstern, Susanna Clarke, Ben Templesmith, Neil Gaiman, David Almond, Take Shelter, Hanif Abdurraqib, The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand, Nova Ren Suma, Over the Garden Wall, Haruki Murakami, Donnie Darko, Daytripper, Jeff Lemire, Sean Murphey, Joe Hill, The Golem and the Djinn, Louise Erdrich, Luca, Samurai Jack, What We Do in the Shadows, Coen Brothers, Spirited Away, Hannah Tinti, Brad Neely, Adventure Time, The Hawkline Monster, Michael Deforge, Allie Brosh, Kate Beaton, Graham Annable, Richard Ayoade…

We love the blending of real life and the fantastic, the absurd, the magical, the heartbreaking, and the things that scare the shit out of us.

Contact us.

If you feel like you’d be a good fit for the press, we’d love the opportunity to see your work. Please follow the above guidelines, but don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions about our submission process.

Our current response times are two – four weeks. If you haven’t heard back from us after a month, feel free to check back in!


PO Box 591
Millen, GA 30442

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August 31, 2022