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Taking Submissions: The Ghosts of DC

August 31, 2012

Deadline: August 31, 2012
Payment: Payment $25 advance paid uponpublication with quarterly payments after advance has been met.

Welcome to the second anthology from THE HORROR SOCIETY.

Since this is an election year I thought that it might be interesting to publish a horror anthology about politicians. Throughout history many of our political figures have suffered painful events or tragic deaths.

What we are looking for is stories that twist this event – I.e. What if the doctors that treated George Washington were vampires, or the reason it took so long to bury Abraham Lincoln was because he kept wandering off. Don’t change history but feel free to play it.

Have fun while researching your politician. You will need to make your selection and contact May/December before you start writing. The reason for this is that you will need to reserve your choice to avoid multiple submissions on the President or the politician. We are looking for a wide assortment of figures for this publication.

There will be No political opinions allowed! We don’t care what political affiliation you are. This is about the horror not politics.

4000-10,000 words. -No less, and no more-No living politicians will be allowed. Message Denise Brown with selection, we will make a daily post (and keep itupdated) of which have been selected to avoid duplication. Please email: [email protected] Payment $25 advance paid uponpublication with quarterly payments after advance has been met. Times New Roman. Size 12 font. Single Space. First line indent by .3; All stories will be stripped of authorinfo and forwarded blind to editor who will score each story. Top (seeking atotal word count of 70,000 words) will be accepted.

All submissions are due August 31, 2012

[via: May December Publications.]


August 31, 2012