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Taking Submissions: The Dragon’s Hoard

November 15, 2014

Deadline: November 15th, 2014
Payment: Payment is author share divided equally among the authors. We pay twice a year.

At Sky Warrior Books, we love all kinds of creatures – especially DRAGONS. Dragons love…well…their hoard. Be it a hoard of gold, gems, books, virgins, whatever your dragon loves to collect and hoard. Or maybe your dragon doesn’t have a hoard – well then WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR DRAGON? – All dragons have a hoard – don’t they? If he doesn’t then explain why not.

We’re looking for stories about dragons—their hoard or lack thereof must factor into the story in some way.

Since dragons are primarily a creature of fantasy I’m sure we’ll get plenty of fantasy stories; but we’ll take science fiction as well as any other speculative fiction genre, but you MUST be creative. A creative twist on the idea of dragons and their hoards is the most important part of the story.

All stories must have no stronger than a PG-13 rating. Please no graphic violence or gore and definitely no erotica, be careful with the use of foul language as well.


Payment is author share divided equally among the authors. We pay twice a year.


Our deadline is Nov 15th, 2014. We’re planning a Spring/Summer 2015 release. Please note we are not opening to receive submissions until July 1st – so please don’t submit prior to that date.

How to Submit or The Nitty-Gritty

We accept RTF files via e-mail only to the publisher at skywarrior3 AT gmail DOT com. Put the words: DRAGON’S HOARD SUBMISSION in the subject line with the title of your piece. Send us a virus and we will never accept anything from you again. Double spaced manuscript in Times New Roman or some other pretty font (not Courier!). Use italics, not underlines. Have your contact information on the manuscript including your email address. Let us know if this is a reprint and from where. Again, be sure you have the rights to reprint – we won’t chase down permissions. Fiction, humor, science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, etc. MUST HAVE DRAGONS / HOARD IN IT. 500 to 7000 words (actual). Poetry may be less, but must be high quality. Be sure to send us a manuscript free from spelling/grammar errors.


November 15, 2014