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Taking Submissions: Reckoning #1

October 29, 2016

Deadline: November 1st, 2016.
Payment: six cents a word for prose, twenty dollars a page for poetry, art minimum twenty-five dollars per piece
Note: This call has been taken down at the request of the publisher due to too many submissions not following the guidelines.

Submit original fiction, nonfiction or poetry as an RTF or DOC (or art, in any compact, web-ready format) to [email protected].

If you want to know what I’m looking for, read this:


Or any of these.

The short version: fiction preferably at least a tiny bit speculative, nonfiction preferably more creative than journalistic, poetry tending towards the narrative and preferably with some thematic heft, art your guess is as good as mine. But the heart of what I want is your searingly personal, visceral, idiosyncratic understanding of the world and the people in it as it has been, as it is, as it will be, as it could be, as a consequence of humanity’s relationship with the earth.

I am actively seeking work from Indigenous writers and artists, writers and artists of color, queer and transgendered writers and artists, and anyone who has suffered the consequences, intended or otherwise, of dominant society’s systemic disconnect with and mistreatment of the natural world. And I am actively seeking new ways to reach all of the above. Seriously, if you know of a way I can do that, please share.

Simultaneous submissions are ok. Multiple submissions I’d rather you didn’t. Length: 0 – 45,000 words, inclusive. Response time remains to be seen but I’ll work hard to keep it under two months. Payment is six cents a word for prose, twenty dollars a page for poetry, art minimum twenty-five dollars per piece. Arbitrary cutoff point for the first issue: November 1, 2016.

(All of the above shall be subject hopefully not to too much change but certainly to clarification, evolution and adaptation.)

Via: Reckoning.


October 29, 2016