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Taking Submissions: Pink Triangle Rhapsody: Volume 1 Mixed Genre

December 31, 2018

Deadline: December 31st, 2018
Payment: 0.04 per word
Note: Gay male writers only

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions open to gay male writers only.

Pink Triangle Rhapsody is our newest anthology series in celebration of and dedicated entirely to gay men and their cultural history.

Although we realize this may create some controversy, this anthology series is open to gay male writers only. While we appreciate that women and straight men are able to accurately portray gay characters, our intent with this series is to highlight and explore the gay male cultural experiences on a more personal level.

The Pink Triangle Rhapsody series is a non-themed anthology series, with the exception of the required genre and inclusion of one or more of Lycan Valley’s required elements. The series is intended to be a collection of stories written with “effusively rapturous or emotional expression.”

Volume 1 is a mixed genre volume and will feature 5 stories in each of 5 genres for a total of 25 stories — Horror, Sci Fi, Dark Fantasy, Thriller, Pulp Mystery. See definitions at: http://www.lycanvalley.com/p/writers-resources.html

Each story must include a supernatural, paranormal or occult element (horror may include psychological horror with or without one of the other elements). See definitions at: http://www.lycanvalley.com/p/writers-resources.html

Regardless of genre and element, we’re looking for unrestrained and emotional writing, interpreted as you see fit for the story.

Word Count: 2500 to 8000 words. Stories less than 2250 or more than 8250 will be declined unread.

Payment: $0.04 per word based on final published word count.

Submission: Please read our general submission guidelines before submitting, including basic Shunn formatting with blind submission requirements. http://www.lycanvalley.com/p/submission-guidelines_1.html

Submissions that do not follow proper formatting guidelines or meet the minimum required elements will be declined unread.

No simultaneous submissions. If you submit to us, please wait until you receive a response before submitting elsewhere. Declined story notifications are sent out immediately upon making that decision. If your story is still in-progress, it means it is still under consideration pending the final TOC.

No multiple submissions. Submit only one story per open submission call unless invited to resubmit.

No unsolicited reprints or poetry submissions.

Please do not send email inquires asking us to consider a reprint, adjust the word count, alter the genre or element requirements or make other exceptions to the guidelines.

All status updates are made via submittable. If you have not received a notification that your story has been declined, it is still under consideration. Short-listed stories will be held until the final deadline as we make the final TOC decisions.

Via: Lycan Valley Press.


December 31, 2018