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Taking Submissions: Chrysopoeia (working title)

October 17, 2018

Deadline: October 17th 2018
Payment: $10 and royalties.

Accepting Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, Multimedia, Artworks
Open for Submissions: August 17th-October 17th 2018. If you submit before or after these dates, your pitch will be deleted.

Chrysopoeia is Ground Zero, Proof-of-Concept; it’s a place for you to write about characters or plots influenced by and taking place in the Alkimia universe, and to explore how said characters might have gotten their powers (the nature of their trauma), what they do with those powers, and how they exist.

What we Want: Trauma healing/recovery, whodunnits, romances, horror tales, mythic retellings, magical realism – as long as it takes place within the confines of the universe! We’re particularly inspired by the works of Neil Gaiman, Amy Tan, Gregory MacGuire, Charles de Lint, Nalo Hopkinson and Guillermo del Toro. We also really, REALLY want to hear from disabled creators, creators of colour, transgender creators, mentally ill creators, etc. This is for you.

What we Don’t Want:
-Anything that breaks the world. The verse is still somewhat fluid, but if you’ve read the page on Alkimia, you’ll know what is and isn’t worldbreaking.
-Non-human main characters. For this anthology we also want to focus on human characters – the fae, half-fae, monsters, and other such creatures will come later! The creatures can show up in the story, but expect to work closely with the loremasters. All mythoi and folklore are up for grabs, though.
-No erotica, fanfiction, science fiction, or westerns.
-NO racism, sexism, homoantagonism, transantagonism, anti-Rroma sentiment, fatphobia, ableism – this is an anthology about marginalization and taking back stories.
-We ask that you only submit if you have some personal experience with trauma, marginalization or discrimination. You do not need to disclose details, but you may choose to self-identify in your cover letter.

Genre(s): Centrally urban fantasy (as befits the setting), and other genre influences are welcome!

Length: Your pitch, no matter what form it takes, should be between 300-600 words. Your final counts are as follows.
Flash Fiction: 200-1000 words.
Fiction: 1500-5000 words
Artwork: One full piece! (Yes, this is deliberately vague.)
Poetry: 1-3 pieces, not surpassing 5 pages of content.
Multimedia: This is incredibly hard to gage, so we’ll tell you if your idea needs refining down and we’ll figure it out from there. Generally, though, we don’t want your multimedia to take up more than 3 pages, and it should be printable. (No audio projects, for example!)

Payment: All contributors will get a $10 token payment upon acceptance, and a share of royalties from the anthology’s sales. There may also be additional payment depending on the success of the eventual Kickstarter. We’re hoping to have this be a print anthology, so that’s the eventual goal!

For other general submission details, see our submission guidelines page.

Via: Alkimia Fables.


October 17, 2018