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Taking Submissions: Pernicious Invaders

July 31, 2014


Deadline: July 31st, 2014
Payment: $25.00 per story and a contributor copy

Great Old Ones Publishing is proud to open a call for petri“PERNICIOUS INVADERS.”


Dimples in flesh move of their own volition.

Our bodies aren’t our own.

We’ve become host to PERNICIOUS INVADERS.

In a land of pestilence, the infected wander a barren landscape…not in search of salvation, but for a darker truth. On a newly discovered world, parasites treat a colony as edible transportation. Beneath the cloud-capped mountains of Washington spiders place more than just eggs in an unsuspecting camper. On the streets of Rome, a demon legion rides within a Trojan woman to finally breach the gates of the Vatican. From microscopic organisms bringing the power of man to its knees to the vile creatures using us as walking incubators, they are all PERNICIOUS INVADERS.

cellsGreat Old Ones Publishing is looking for well-written stories ranging from 3,000 – 8,000 words themed with having our bodies overtaken. Possession? Yes. Infestation? Sure. Subjugation? Absolutely.

We must insist that the story be horror. It doesn’t mean you can’t have humor or even romance, but it should not dominate your story. Our readers expect to be scared and so do we. Other genres are acceptable such as thriller, techno-thriller, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, and exploitation, however they all must have horror as the main theme.

MECHANICS: –————————————

* – DEADLINE: July 31st, 2014
* – WORD COUNT: 3,000–8,000 words (query for shorter / longer)
* – PAYMENT: $25.00 per story and a contributor copy
* – MULTIPLE SUBMISSIONS: Limit of two with a maximum of one accepted
* – POETRY: No
* – FORMAT: JUSTIFICATION: Left-justify only
* – FONT: 12 point Times New Roman or 12 point Courier New
* – TAB INDENT: ¼ inch and use auto-indentation rather than manually indenting paragraphs. Do “not” use spaces to indent paragraphs.
* – STRESS: Use italics. Do not underline.
* – SPACING: Double-Spaced
* – CONTACT INFORMATION: Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail at top-left of first page
* – SUBMISSION: Send to “[email protected]
HELPFUL NOTES: –————————————

* – Vampire, zombie, or werewolf themes are frowned upon. If submitted they should knock our socks off.
* – No non-consensual sexual conduct (this includes under-aged activity)
* – Our goal is to not have two stories with the same general backdrop, so be creative.
* – No present-tense stories.
* – We welcome any questions for clarification. E-mail them to “[email protected] virus”
* – Do not put your story in the body of your e-mail. Send it as a DOCX/DOC/RTF/ODT attachment.
* – Do not use all caps for yelling. Let your punctuation do the work.
* – Accepted stories will be hand-edited and returned to authors via PDF for correction.


July 31, 2014