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Taking Submissions: Paying the Ferryman

September 1, 2014


Reading Period: June 1, 2014 and September 1, 2014
Payment: Royalties are 50% of the sales per eBook and Print book divided between the authors, paid every six months and a contributor’s copy

The one thing everyone must face at some point is death. Death is inescapable. Theories abound about what happens after death. Underworlds, other worlds, different planes of existence, purgatory, Heaven, Hell-what happens after death? Charon, the mythical ferryman, pay him your coin and he will transport you across the River Styx, gatekeeper of the underworld. We here at Charon Coin Press strive to bring you the best in stories from the darker side and Charon has yet again inspired a ghoulish anthology-Paying the Ferryman, edited by Margaret Colton.

Paying the Ferryman is a collection of stories that start after the main character has died. That’s right the story begins when the main character dies. What happens? Where do they go? What does it feel like? The answers to these questions are found in the imagination. The possibilities are endless.

Did Dante have it right about the seven circles of Hell? Maybe the mythology of Charon or Osiris inspires you. Religious theology may even catch your fancy. The possibilities of after death lore are endless creating a multitude of horrific ideas to pull from in order to make a great story. Paying the Ferryman is a horror story anthology so no pearly gates and fluffy clouds for these characters. Maybe the people become ghosts, demons, zombies, end up in purgatory- or someplace hotter, the choice is yours. Whatever you choose the story needs to be terrifying and make your readers think twice about turning off the lights at night.

Paying the Ferryman can have any setting of your choosing, even if you are creating a “world” however, your main character must be dead and the story must be a horror story. Your character can take whatever form or have whatever kind of existence or reality you can dream up as long as the character is dead. So be as creatively frightening as you want to be.

Submission Guidelines

Charon Coin Press announces an open call for submissions for Paying the Ferryman anthology.

Word count for this collection is a minimum of 3,000 words not to exceed 9.000 words.

Preferred format for submission is: Times New Roman at 12pt font. Submission should include: title, author name, author email, and word count of completed story. File type accepted is .doc, .docx, and .rtf. Submission must be made via [email protected]. Subject line for submission email should contain: author’s name, Paying the Ferryman. Stories will not be accepted through snail mail.

Stories may contain characters and worlds created in other stories published by the author as long as it meets the requirement of the theme of Paying the Ferryman. If a submission has been previously released, please include information about the previously released story publication and the release date. Stories may not be published in any other form for twelve (12) months prior to or after release of Paying the Ferryman. NO multiple submissions.

Charon Coin Press understands that sexual content and violence may be included in the stories. However, before inclusion of this type of content, please make certain that it is relevant to the story’s progression.

Submission is open between June 1, 2014 and September 1, 2014.

Via: Charon Coin Press.


September 1, 2014