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Taking Submissions: On Spec

August 31, 2011

On Spec

Deadline: August 31, 2011
Payment: See post


The ON SPEC editors are looking for original, unpublished speculative fiction (SF) and poetry — fantasy, horror, ghost stories, fairy stories, magic realism, etc. Our mandate is to give our readers the best SF we can find, regardless of the author’s nationality, and we have published authors from Canada, the U.S., Britain, New Zealand, South America, and more. In order to qualify for grants, we do have to maintain 80% Canadian content, which means it may take longer (an issue or two) for a non-Canadian work to appear in the magazine than a Canadian work bought at the same time. Send your short stories (max. 6000 words), short short stories (under 1000 words) or poetry (max. 100 lines) to the address above. Please note: we no longer require submissions in competition format.


ON SPEC buys first North American serial (magazine) rights to your work. We pay upon acceptance. Minimum payment for fiction is $50 and maximum payment is $200.

Pay rates are as follows and in Canadian dollars:

Poems (4-100 lines): $50 plus one contributor’s copy
Short-short stories (under 1000 words): $50, plus one contributor’s copy
Fiction (6000 words max.)
1000-2999 words: $125 plus 2 contributor’s copies plus a One year subscription
3000-4999 words: $175 plus 2 contributor’s copies plus a One year subscription
5000-6000 words: $200 plus 2 contributor’s copies plus a One year subscription
Extra copies may be purchased at the following Contributor Rates, regardless if the issues is current or a back issue at the time of the order:

In Canada: $4.00 Cdn each, plus postage (includes GST)
IN USA: $4.00 US each, plus postage
Overseas: $4.00 US each, plus postage

The rest of the information can be found on On Spec’s Submission Page.

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Stuart Conover is a father, husband, published author, blogger, geek, entrepreneur, horror fanatic, and runs a few websites including Horror Tree!


August 31, 2011
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