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Taking Submissions: Mythos for the Modern Age

June 15, 2016

Deadline: June 15, 2016
Payment: Authors recieve 40% royalties on short stories and novels. Anthologies pay a share of the royalties based on number of authors.

Myths exist to expain the world to people. But the world has changed since the old myths were created. We know where rainbows come from now, and science has replaced mythology on many fronts. So now, we need new myths to explain new ideas. Examples would include Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Ananzi Boys or Harlan Ellison’s Deathbird stories. Whether new stories with old gods or entirely new ones, give us your interpretation of deity in the modern age.

Pairing: None required (Non-erotic, though romance is fine).
Happy Ending For Now required.

Submission Guidelines
Standard Manuscript Format
–.5 indentation
— Double Spaced
— One Space after each period.
— Times New Roman, 12pt, in English.
— .doc format
A Sample of Standard Manuscript Format may be found Here.

Name, Mailing Address, E-mail Address, Phone Number, and Word Count should be included on the front page.

If your work is a reprint, please include the information indicating that the rights have reverted to you.

Manuscript should be sent to [email protected]

Note: No hardcopies, .pdf, .rtf, or .docx submissions.

We take fiction in the following genres:

​+ Horror, including erotic Horror
+ Science Fiction, including SF Romance
+ Fantasy (High, Low, Urban, and Dark)
+ All the -punks (Steampunk, Bronzepunk, Clockpunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, CyberPunk, and post-Cyberpunk)
+ Erotica, any combination including menage. QUILTBAG stories encouraged. BDSM and multiple-partner stories also encouraged.
+ Non-fiction on a case-by-case basis. Craft books, cookbooks, and game source books welcomed.

+ Christian Inspirational
+ Young Adult
+ Cross-Generational Incest as titillation. It may be a formative plot point for the characters, but may not be explicitly shown.
+ Underage characters in sexual situations.
+ Necrophilia. This is defined as sex with the dead who cannot consent. Vampires or other forms of undead are considered capable of consent.
+ Gratuitous Violence
+ Feces or Vomit play
+ Snuff. Killing a partner during sex is deeply discouraged outside the erotic horror category.
+Rape. While rape is an act of power and violence, fictional lines of consent can be much blurrier. Non-con and dub-con, where consent is given every way but verbally, are acceptable. Eroticized rape is not. Rape scenes should express the violation and awfulness of the act.

Anthology Stories: 5000-10,000 words, published in print and e-book

Via: Ink Stained Succubus.


June 15, 2016