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Taking Submissions: Monster Hunter – Blood Trails

August 15, 2013

Deadline: August 15th 2013
Payment: $25.00, payable upon publication for First Worldwide Print and Electronic rights.

Reading Period: 3/15/13 through 8/15/13
Tentative Publication Date: October 2013
Payment: $25.00, payable upon publication for First Worldwide Print and Electronic rights.
Word Limits: 2000 to 6000 words.
Submissions will only be accepted as DOC (Word) or RTF formats, submitted through our submissions link.
Genres Accepted: Dark Fiction, Horror and Sci-Fi. No Fantasy or poetry accepted at this time.
Original, unpublished work only. No reprints, please!
No simultaneous subs (submitting to emby and another press at the same time).
No multiple subs, please (keeping in mind that I will notify all authors as soon as possible if a story is declined so that they may submit that story to another market and hopefully submit another story to our book).
Please read and follow our submission guidelines.

Maybe 1,000 years ago, a poet wrote one of the most compelling tales of adventure that the world has ever known. That poem, Beowulf, is about a monster hunter.

This particular hunter slew more than one monster and ultimately died from the wounds of a battle with a monster.

In doing so, the pursuit was personal. The monsters had names. The pursuit was not some blind exercise in violence…

Melville wrote of another hunter, as did Stoker.

History and literature are filled with monster hunting stories. This is your chance to continue the tradition.

We want to get to know the hunter and the hunted. We want to anguish in their pain, thrill in their victories and bow our heads to their defeat.

MONSTER HUNTER – BLOOD TRAILS will explore these characters. Make us love or hate them; show us their strengths, their weaknesses and their idiosyncrasies. Make these characters come to life on the page and make us care.

BLOOD TRAILS will be the first of a new trilogy. The second book, REVOLVER, will explore the tide turning in the battle. The third book, ONE OF US HAS TO DIE will explore the resolution of the battle.

You may choose to write for all three, but each story must be complete in and of itself, with a beginning and end.

Action is a plus, though not a necessity. Gore and sex scenes that do not drive the story will be viewed as distractions. Needless cruelty to animals or children may belong in other genres, but won’t help your chances here. Anything that even hints at a vampire about to sparkle will be forwarded directly to the Monster Hunter Disciplinary Board for review and possible revocation of membership.

You can submit here.

[via: Emby Press.]


August 15, 2013