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Taking Submissions: Less Than Dead

February 28, 2016

Zombie apocalypse mystic background. Illustration contains transparency and blending effects eps 10.

Zombie apocalypse mystic background. Illustration contains transparency and blending effects eps 10.

Deadline: February 28, 2016
Payment: $200.00, 1 digital copy, and 2 physical copies

LESS THAN DEAD — LGBTQIA Anthology Call — There’s nothing quite so terrifying as a corpse that moves, a creature that even death can’t stop. Sometimes they’re a minor nuisance, other times they’re a nigh-unstoppable terror. On rare occasions they turn out not to be a nightmare at all, but an expected ally.

Less Than Three Press invites you to submit tales of zombies, be they the enemy, the ally, or something else entirely.


  • Deadline is February 28, 2016 (give or take, we won’t kill you for sending it off the following morning).
  • Stories should be at least 10,000 words and should not exceed approx 20,000 words in length.
  • Stories may be any pairing except cisgender heterosexual M/F (trans* M/F, M/M, F/F, poly, ace/aro, and all permutations thereof are acceptable).
  • Stories must adhere to the theme of zombies.
  • Stories must have a happily ever after (HEA) or happy for now (HFN) end.
  • Any sub-genre is gladly accepted: sci-fi, mystery, contemporary, steampunk, etc.
  • All usual LT3 submission guidelines apply.

Less Than Dead is a general release anthology, which means authors will receive a flat payment of $200.00 once LT3 has a signed contract. Examples: Lovely, Dark and Deep, A Touch of Mistletoe. Authors will receive one copy each of the ebook formats LT3 produces and two copies of the paperback compilation.

Stories should be complete before submitting, and as edited as possible—do not submit a first draft. They can be submitted in any format (doc, docx, rtf, odt, etc) preferably single spaced in an easy to read font (Times, Calibri, Arial) with no special formatting (no elaborate section separation, special fonts, etc). Additional formatting guidelines can be found here.

Questions should be directed to the Editor in Chief, Samantha M. Derr, at [email protected] (or you can ping her on twitter @rykaine). Submissions should be sent to[email protected].

Via: Less Than Three Press.


February 28, 2016