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Taking Submissions: Horrors of Hudson Valley

June 1, 2016

Deadline: Just 1st, 2016
Payment: $25 + contributor’s copy.


New York’s Hudson Valley is an enchanted region. Starting in the Adirondacks and Lake Tear in the Clouds–the source of the Hudson River–and following the river south through New York State until reaching Manhattan and the Atlantic Ocean 315 miles later, the region is home to centuries of myths and legends.


Everyone that has ever settled here has added to the lore of the land, from the Algonquin People, to the early Dutch settlers, to the greedy industrialists of the 19th Century. The river runs through Albany, the Catskill Mountains, and Sleepy Hollow. It was one of the major battle fronts of the French and Indian War in the 1750s and the American Revolutionary War twenty-five years later. It spawned the renown Hudson River School art movement founded by Thomas Cole. It is rich with history, much of it dark and macabre.

hv-ruins      hv-landscape

We want original, supernatural horror stories set within the Hudson Valley Region within the State of New York (please note that New York City is NOT considered a part of the Hudson Valley). The time period for your story is up to you–past, present, future, alternate history–but it must take place whole or in part within the Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley is a real place, with a real history, so please respect the reality of the setting.

Scare us, creep us out, give us the shivers, make us laugh. Be Gothic, modern, Lovecraftian, Victorian, Steampunk, whatever. Just set your story in the Hudson Valley.


  1. Any & all submissions must be set in & around New York’s Hudson Valley.
  2. No gratuitous sex, violence, or profanity
  3. No adult content of any kind. If there is sex in your story, it must be important to the story– and must abide by rule #2.
  4. No stories centered on rape, torture or child molestation. We’re not interested.
  5. No fan fiction.
  6. Your story must be a complete story– we’re not interested in excerpts.
  7. It must be your ORIGINAL work.
  8. Do NOT include any artwork

Interested? Sweet! Read on.


  • Stories should be between 2,000 and 8,000 words.
  • All stories must be titled.
  • Edit and format your work according to MLA standards. Please use only American Standard English punctuation and spelling.  We will reject your work if it is a grammatical mess.
  • Also, please use a standard size black font when submitting your work.
  • Include your name, contact information, and word count on the first page of your story. If you submit your story using a pseudonym, please note that it is a pseudonym and include your full real name as well.
  • No reprints, simultaneous, or multiple submissions.
  • Please include a short bio in your cover letter.
  • Send your story as an attachment to your email. We accept .DOC, .DOCX, and .RTF files only. NO .PDF or .TXT files please.

Email your submission to [email protected] with the subject of: “SUBMISSION- [your story title].”


We plan to offer a one-time payment of $25 plus one contributor’s copy of the final anthology. We will also offer a sizable contributor discount on any additional copies you wish to purchase when purchased through us directly.


To be considered for this volume, we must have received your submission no later than June 1st 2016.


We’ll try to get back to you within 30 days of your submission, please do not email us with regards to the status of your work until after that time.

Any other questions can be directed to [email protected].

Happy writing!

Via: Neilsen Party.


June 1, 2016