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Taking Submissions: Gaslamp Fantasy Anthology

April 30, 2021

Deadline: April 30, 2021
Payment: $0.015 USD per word.
Theme: Short stories that highlight a magical or haunting Victorian setting.

About the project

In late 2021, Bronzewood Books is releasing a Gaslamp Fantasy Anthology, filled with short stories that highlight a magical or haunting Victorian setting. The tentative plan is to release in time for Halloween, so the more spooky you can make the story, the better.

If you’re curious about what Gaslamp Fantasy entails, think about Steampunk but less about tech and more focus on magic.

Goodreads defines gaslamp fantasy as:

a sub-genre of both fantasy and historical fiction. Generally speaking, this particular realm of fantasy employs either a Victorian or Edwardian setting. The gaslamp fantasy genre is not to be confused with steampunk, which usually has more of a super-science edge and uchronic tone.

Gaslamp fantasy also differs from classical Victorian/Edwardian faerie or pure fantasy in the J.R.R. Tolkien or Lewis Carroll style or from historical crime-novels in the Anne Perry or June Thomson style by the supernatural elements, themes, and subjects it features. Many of its tropes, themes, and stock characters derive from Gothic literature — a long-established genre composed of both romantic and horrific traits and motivated by the desire to rouse fear, apprehension, and other intense emotions within the reader — and could be described as an attempt to modernize literary Gothicism.

Here is a fantastic article about the subgenre with lists of books: Best Fantasy Books: Gaslamp Fantasy

Notes & Answers to questions already asked:


  • Question: Can it be a story I’ve already published?
  • Answer: This should be an original short story (not previously published).
  • Question: Can I publish the short story elsewhere?
  • Answer: Exclusivity will be required for a short period of time, then individual story rights will revert back to the author.
  • Question: Does it need to be fully edited?
  • Answer: No. All submissions accepted will be edited for flow, grammar, etc.
  • Question: Is there anything not allowed?
  • Answer: Steamy / Erotica submissions will be rejected (sorry, but this one will be clean)
  • Question: What is the wordcount requirement?
  • Answer: Submission requirements will be between 2k and 8k words
  • Question: Will there be payment for stories submitted?
  • Answer: Yes. The payment rate for stories accepted is $0.015 USD per word.
  • Question: What is the distribution plan?
  • Answer: Books will be printed on-demand and available to order through Ingram. Ebooks will be available initially on Amazon exclusively. However, Bronzewood Books is currently working on a supply chain plan and partnering with a prominent distributor.

Additional Details

  • Deadline for submission: April 30, 2021
  • Communication on acceptance will happen by May 15, 2021.
  • Contracts will be distributed and signed for those stories selected before they move into the editing phase.
  • Bronzewood Books will require an author photo for the bios within the anthology as well as a bio page on the Bronzewood Books website.
  • You may submit more than one story, but only one submission per author will be accepted.
  • Preferred format is a Microsoft Word Document, double spaced, 12 pt Times font. PDFs in a similar format will also be accepted, but for editing, the document will be converted to MS Word.
  • Bronzewood Books will be in touch with those selected for the Anthology by May 15, 2021.
  • Editing of all stories will align with the Chicago Manual of Style and to American English standards.
  • Your email address will be added to the Bronzewood Books communication list for this and future anthology opportunities only. Bronzewood Books does not share or sell email addresses. You can unsubscribe at any time from the distribution list. Bronzewood Books will need to contact you still in regards to the anthology. Submitting to this anthology will not sign you up for a regular newsletter. If you wish to be notified of other offers from Bronzewood Books, make sure you check the box above.

Via: Bronzewood Books.


April 30, 2021