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Taking Submissions: First Contact Café

September 1, 2014

Deadline: September 1, 2014.
Payment: Royalties, author share divided equally among the authors

Welcome to the First Contact Café, or more properly the Labyrinthe Space Station, home to Ab’nere Ll’byr Wyn’th, last of the full-blooded Labrynthians, a breed of entrepreneurs, misers, and opportunists who take advantage of all twenty-three known species in the galaxy. Their DNA is as flexible as their bookkeeping. But the etiquette of first contact, duly codified and recorded, is not flexible at all.

Based upon the short story “First Contact Café” first published in the DAW Books anthology “Space Stations” edited by Martin H. Greenberg and John Helfers, I propose an anthology of stories centered at the trading station in deep space. Each story should include one new rule for the etiquette book and involve at least one species alien to Earth. The author may invent their own or draw upon the ones mentioned in the original short story. The partial etiquette book will be included as an appendix with all the rules mentioned, plus a few more.

The First Contact Cafe Facebook Group can be found HERE. In it, you will find our first story and the etiquette book.

Stories MUST adhere to the guidelines of this shared world anthology.
In the SUBJECT LINE of your email put FIRST CONTACT CAFE: and the name of your story
Email Submissions Only. RTF only.
Simultaneous submissions? No.
Standard manuscript format. (Double spaced, contact info including email at the top of manuscript)
Stories should be between 2000 and 6500 words.
Pay: Royalties, author share divided equally among the authors
Email submissions at skywarrior3 AT gmail DOT com

Via: Sky Warrior Books.


September 1, 2014