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Taking Submissions: Fat Zombie

November 30, 2013


Deadline: November 30th, 2013
Payment: Unlisted
Note: Permuted Press RARELY opens anthology calls these days and you should jump on this one!

An anthology of unexpected survivor stories from the apocalypse.

The collection will include stories that tell the tale of the losers, the geeks, the freaks and the sad-sacks. It could also include stories of the differently abled, or anyone lacking skills, physical ability, education, resources so common in many zombie survival stories.

These are the survivor stories of the people you never expected to survive the end of the world.

Tell us an engaging story of how your protagonist is making it through the end of the world. What makes them special? What challenges are they facing now?

We are looking for stories that will disturb, amuse and above all entertain. Make us cheer for your unlikely hero, or revel in their gleeful villainy.

The specific requirements are:

An apocalypse (including, but not limited to a wide-spread epidemic of the dead returning to life and wanting to kill the living). Fast zombies, slow zombies, space viruses, genetic engineering. Global Pandemic, asteroid impact, global warming, alien invasion – the details are up to you. But it must be recognisable as an apocalyptic event. The complete collapse of the modern world and the struggle to survive.
Adult content and language are fine. However we’re not looking for adult content or stories that are primarily erotica.
Stories should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words.
Submission period is from 30th September – 30th November, 2013.
Stories should be sent as an attachment to an email sent to: [email protected]

Subject line: Fat Zombie Submission.

Attachments can be in RTF, DOC or DOCX format.

Include word count, contact details and title in the attachment. In the body of the email include a brief biography of your writing experience.

Anthology editor Paul Mannering’s debut zombie novel, Tankbread, is published through Permuted Press. He has previously self-published a short story collection and edited the anthology, Tales From The Bell Club, published by Knightwatch Press, now an imprint of Fringe Works publishing.

Paul can be contacted at [email protected]

Source: Permuted Press.


November 30, 2013