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Taking Submissions: Dead Lucky

May 20, 2020

Deadline: May 20th, 2020
Payment: $25 or $40 depending on the length and 3 contributors copies.
Theme: Stories that take place in the world of Adrian’s Undead Diary

The world of Adrian Ring welcomes you again.

Dead Lucky is the third anthology of short stories set in the zombie-ridden Adrian Ring universe and this is the call for submission.

I am looking for stories that feature strong main characters that are put into situations where luck rears its head. Call it the Jinx Fairy, call it good fortune, but all stories should feature moments where the storyline hinges on moments of good or bad luck.

Maybe your hero runs to the pickup parked outside the farmhouse with a horde on their heels, and when they drop the visor, the keys descend into the lap. Maybe those keys are for the mower.

Perhaps your character gets bitten, and when they get into their safe house, they realize they have one bullet left, so they can take care of themselves, and protect their friends and family.

Maybe your story features a pilot who has just enough fuel to put their plane down before they have to ditch in a zombie-infested city.

It’s your story. Tell it to me so I can help tell it to the world.

Dead Lucky will be divided into three sections that are AUD-universe timeline-based. The first section of stories will cover incidents on “That Day.” The second will cover the period of story between that day, and the conclusion of Book Eight. The final portion of the book will cover events after book eight.

I will be writing at least three stories, one set in each of the anthology’s time periods.

Dead Lucky will be released in eBook format on the Kindle, in print, and in audio formats in July or August. Stories should follow the general style and rules set forth in the ten books of the AUD universe. Your zombies should be slow, largely mindless, and make no noise. Please feel free to utilize existing characters, or have your story explain something in the AUD universe that has been unexplained thus far.

I am looking for first-rights stories (no reprints) that are unmistakably set in the world of Adrian Ring. Word length should be ~1,000 to ~7,000 words. If you’re under or over, better make it worth it. I will serve as the editor and curator. Simultaneous submissions are okay, but that’s weird, because if you’re story is set in the AUD universe, you ought not to be submitting it to other places. You may submit more than one story, but please try to have your stories occur in different sections of the book’s three timelines, and please try to limit your total word count across stories to 10k or less. I’d like about 18 stories, give or take.

Submissions that are accepted will be compensated with the following;

  • If less than 5k words, $25 cash payment payable via paypal within 30 days of final edit approval.
  • If more than 5k words, $40 cash payment payable via paypal within 30 days of final edit approval.
  • Two Audible audiobook codes
  • Electronic versions in both .pdf and .mobi formats
  • Three print copies signed by me, sent within 30 days of final print approval (US writers only)

Submissions should be in .doc or .docx format, with no tabs or indentations. Please send them as an attachment via email to: [email protected] Use the subject line Dead Lucky Submission (your name). In the body of your email, please write a very brief summary of your story, as well as its word count and title.

Submissions are open as of right now, and will close on May 20th, 2020 or earlier if enough high-quality submissions are received.

Good luck.

Via: Chris Philbrook.


May 20, 2020