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Taking Submissions: Crunchy With Ketchup (Early Listing)

May 31, 2021

Deadline: May 31st, 2021
Payment: $15.00 flat rate plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties.
Theme: FIERCE Dragons!
Note: Do not submit prior to January 15th, 2021

Everyone loves Dragon Stories – especially the ones where the heroic knight rescues the damsel in distress from the evil dragon and they go off to
live happily ever after.

Yeah right!

Have you seen a dragon – they are truly badass m*****f*****s. Armor plated, huge, breathe fire, huge teeth and claws. Yeah, right, a single knight
with a sword is going to defeat that.

What we are looking for are stories that feature really badass dragons – they can be evil or good – or somewhere in between. The point is they need
to live up to the power and strength we picture when we imagine a dragon.

If your dragon is able to be defeated by a human knight – it should be because…well, I’m not sure what it should be because of – but it needs to be
believable to someone who knows beyond all doubt dragons are the biggest, baddest predators out there.

Show us why you should never meddle in the affairs of dragons as they may consider you crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

Break the story-writing rules if you want. If you use a tried and true plotline, twist it in an original and interesting way. Original stories are preferred.
Query for reprints.

ALL writers are encouraged to submit. Doesn’t matter if you’re a pro with years of credits, a beginner just starting out, or a teenager – please feel
free to send the editor a story. In your cover email, please tell the editor a bit about yourself and a quick one-line synopsis of the story. Include
genre. If experimental, please explain the type or how so the editor doesn’t edit out the form or reject it out of hand. Thank you.

In the Subject line please put Submission: Ketchup: Title of your story: Your name. Attach as a .rft file, please send to: [email protected]

Submissions Open:  Jan 15th (DO NOT SUBMIT PRIOR TO THIS DATE)
Submissions Close:  May 31st

Release Date:   Oct 2021
Payment:  $15.00 flat rate plus equal share of 50% of the anthology’s royalties.

Will accept all speculative fiction genres (note humor is a plus)
No fan fiction, shared universes, or continuing serials. PG-13 rating, please. No erotica.
No simultaneous submissions.

Length 2500-7500 words. Will consider flash fiction if it’s well-written. Times Roman 12.
Standard manuscript submission formatting must be used. Any manuscripts submitted incorrectly will be rejected.

Bios will be required if your story is accepted. Please write them in third person. Approximate length under 250 words.

Via: Wolfsinger Publications.


May 31, 2021