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Contest: Deathscribe 2018, the 11th Annual Festival of Horror Radio Plays

July 31, 2018

Deadline: July 31st, 2018
Winner: $100 and the coveted Bloody Axe Award
Note: This only has 1 winner which we usually wouldn’t fit but these guys do a GREAT show.

The submission window for Deathscribe 2018, the 11th Annual Festival of Horror Radio Plays, is NOW OPEN. Submissions are accepted through our online submission form until July 31st.

Every year we seek 10-minute audio drama scripts that are genuinely scary, imaginative, chilling, intelligent, suspenseful, horrific or downright grotesque. Writers may submit up to two audio drama scripts to Deathscribe in any given year. Five scripts will be selected from all submissions. These five pieces will be performed on stage in front of a live audience. The writer of the winning piece, chosen by a celebrity panel of judges, will receive the coveted Bloody Axe Award, as well as a $100 cash prize.


PDF format is strongly preferred. If PDF is not possible, then only MS Word please.

All scripts must have a title page with all contact information, but NO identifying information should appear anywhere else in the document.

Scripts must be no more than TEN MINUTES in length, and should follow audio drama format. An example of proper audio drama format can be found here: http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/scripts/bbcradioscene.pdf

The Deathscribe experience includes performing the pieces on stage with Foley artists and a band creating the sound effects and music live. Therefore, scripts must be ready to produce, including direction for sound and music cues. Sorry, but submissions cannot include usage of copyrighted music.

Writers may submit up to two (2) scripts for Deathscribeconsideration in any year.

NO SCREENPLAYS. SCREENPLAYS WILL BE DISCARDED. WE KNOW THEM WHEN WE SEE THEM. (Nothing against screenplays. But this is a radio play festival.)

DO NOT submit full-length plays for consideration in Deathscribe. They will be discarded. If you wish to submit a full-length horror play to WildClaw, see our general submission guidelines.

Previous winners include:

2017: “Cavities” by Bill Daniel
2016: “The Quake” by Travis Williams
2015: “Earwigs” by Joseph Zettelmaier
2014: “Fracture Zone” by Christopher M. Walsh
2013: “We Apologize for the Inconvenience” by Chelsea Paice
2012: “Fish Story” by Joseph Zettelmaier
2011: “Alabama Mermaid” by Jessica Wright Buha
2010: “The Change in Buckett County” by David Schmidt
2009: “Remembrance” by Christopher Hainsworth
2008: “Dark & Stormy” by Albert Gerber

Check out the Deathscribe Archives to hear examples of previous finalists and winners.

Deathscribe selections are blind. The title page should include the title of the script, names of all authors, and the address, phone and email address of the author(s). The subsequent pages must include only the manuscript title and page number and NO identifying personal information (name, address, email, etc.) or it will be disqualified.

Please be aware that these scripts, if chosen, will be performed by no more than 6 actors, therefore scripts with more characters will require double casting by the director of the piece.

Questions? Email them to [email protected].

Via: Wild Claw Theatre.


July 31, 2018