WIHM 2022: Who’s Afraid of the Dark?

Who’s Afraid of the Dark? 

By: Rachael Tamayo


When I was a child, like most, I was afraid of the dark. Terrible nightmares haunted my dreams, making me afraid to sleep. I’d say my prayers and ask God to blot out my dreams, terrified of the visions that might come to me. Sleeping with my closet door was a must, as well, since the things that lived just beyond the door liked to tease me into terror that would send me running to my parent’s room in the middle of the night only to get kicked back to my own bed.

I learned to manage, I struggled alone with my fear of the dark. That and the nightmares that my parents swore were caused by demons and devils, I learned to manipulate my dreams and be terrified of sleeping until I was a much older adult.