Trembling With Fear – Valentine’s Day 2024 Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day! Welcome to our special edition of Trembling With Fear. What a selection this year! I always love seeing how our writers take the themes of the holiday and incorporate them into an intriguing story, a enigmatic encounter, a twisting tale, and this year did not disappoint! Love, sweet treats, romantic dinners, meet-cutes – this Special Edition has everything that makes a great Valentine’s Day story. It also has a little extra – that special something that makes it just right for our Valentine’s Special Edition at Trembling With Fear. From deep love to rejection, this edition covers all the many facets of love and just as many of horror.

We really hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day Special Edition of Trembling With Fear!

Happy Reading!


Shalini Bethala

Editor, Trembling With Fear

Love is in the air, and we’re all about celebrating things getting a little… mushy. This year’s Valentine’s edition is really a return to form that shares all kinds of horror that really hits you like a stake to the heart (sorry, my vampiric friends!). As the twilight shadows stretch and the full moon blushes red, we invite you to a rendezvous with the macabre, where every heartbeat is a drumroll for the next chilling sentence.

In this collection, love isn’t just blind—it’s bound, gagged, and haunting the corridors of the brokenhearted. Prepare for tales where passion bleeds into obsession, and affection veers into the abyss of madness. These stories will entwine you in the arms of the forbidden, kiss your neck with a breath of the eternal, and leave love bites that linger beyond the grave.

So, light the candles and let the scent of roses fill the air, but beware the thorns among the petals and the shadows that move when you’re not looking. For in these pages, the only thing more terrifying than a broken heart is one that refuses to die.

Welcome to a Valentine’s celebration like no other, where we hope that you’ll fall in love with some new stories… or die trying.

Stuart Conover

Editor-in-Chief, Horror Tree