Epeolatry Book Review: Children of Memory by Adrian Tchaikovsky


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Title: Children of Memory
Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky
Publisher: Tor
Genre: Science Fiction
Release Date: November 8th, 2022

Synopsis: Earth is failing. In a desperate bid to escape, the spaceship Enkidu and its captain, Heorest Holt, carry its precious human cargo to a potential new Eden. Generations later, this fragile colony has managed to survive, eking out a hardy existence. Yet life is tough, and much technological knowledge has been lost.


Then Liff, Holt’s granddaughter, hears whispers that the strangers in town aren’t from neighbouring farmland. That they possess unparalleled technology – and that they’ve arrived from another world . But not all questions are so easily answered, and their price may be the colony itself…


Children of Memory by Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Adrian Tchaikovsky is a far-reaching space opera spanning generations, species and galaxies, and the unmissable follow-up to Children of Time and Children of Ruin.