WIHM 2022: Stories My Mother Told Me

Stories My Mother Told Me

By: Heather Ventura

I was seven years old when the curtains were removed from my room because they looked like an illustration of the Snow Queen from my fairy tales book during lightning storms. When I was eight, I refused to sleep unless my feet were precisely tucked away so goblins couldn’t steal them. At age eleven I had to sleep with the light on because of Gollum. 

You may be asking yourself what these characters from stories by male authors have to do with Women in Horror Month. They share a common denominator: my mother. They were just a few of the stories my mother read to my sister and I growing up. A master storyteller and narrator, my mother would do all the voices and make the stories she read come alive. My love of books, and more specifically, my love of horror stories was carefully midwifed into existence by my mother.